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EXCLUSIVE: Margie Moran on a Miss Universe back-to-back win: ‘You can never tell’

The 1973 Miss Universe winner shares her thoughts on this year’s pageant.


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1/23/2017 12:58 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Margie Moran on a Miss Universe back-to-back win: ‘You can never tell’

012317-MargieMoran_PUSH.jpgAs one of the personalities given recognition at the recent Filipina Royalty event, 1973 Miss Universe winner Margie Moran admitted she felt very privi-leged to be acknowledged. 

"I am honored that we are not forgotten. Well the Filipinos never cease to honor those that have brought honor to the country and I am proud that I am being honored as well. I want to believe that they are also honoring me for the things that I have done after the pageant. Winning the crown is not as important as what you do after you have the crown,” she says during the Filipina Royalty event held at the Okada Manila last January 21. 

Margie said that although Maxine Medina will be faced with a challenge to pull off a back-to-back win, it is not an impossible feat. 

"I’d like to wish her luck because it’s tough because Pia (Wurtzbach) was the last year’s Miss Universe. But you can never tell. You know there’s no secret to winning. It’s how the other candidates look, who the judges are. The judges are mostly foreign and they’re not from the home country. So all that come into play so you cannot tell. 

“Judges do not judge because for a reason like Pia won last year. They don’t judge that way. So she has an even chance with the others. I believe there’s no formula to winning and I feel that it’s destiny. If it’s meant for you, even if it’s in your home country it’s going to go to you,” she shared. 

With regards to which language Maxine would be better off using in the pag-eant, Margie said the Philippine representative should be true to herself. 

"I agree that if she’s more comfortable answering in Tagalog and her thoughts come out in Tagalog, I would get an interpreter because you’re more comforta-ble doing that. And there’s no rule, there’s no point against that. You see the South American ladies and the Europeans they have interpreters. You just hope that the interpreter will answer also in a good way you know,” she remarked.

At 64 years old, the former Miss Universe winner shared that she has no big se-cret to her ageless beauty. 

"My natural grace I think that is inherent in me. You grow up with that and you learn that from your parents and what your exposed to in life. I think that’s where you get the grace. I really have no secrets. I just take care of my health and that’s taking care of your skin. 

“Being happy I think is the ultimate goal that anyone can do because when you’re happy you look good di ba? And you’re able to solve whatever problems that you have. So you’re living in the now and that’s what makes me happy,” she revealed.