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Alex Godinez on working with ex-boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli: ‘We’re not awkward’

Alex Godinez talks about her first puppy love.


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1/20/2017 10:05 AM
Alex Godinez on working with ex-boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli: ‘We’re not awkward’

012017-AlexGodinez_PUSH.jpgAs part of the cast of the upcoming action drama Across the Crescent Moon, Alex Godinez will be making her big screen debut after being active in theater. "I started acting when I was nine years old. I did theater. I do a theater show at least every year. The last one I did was American Idiot. So theater has been my background, my love, my craft, my heart. There’s no money there but that’s where my heart is really. And that’s where the confidence comes from with acting. I did that throughout the years and then for college I left for the States. I studied music and then I was mentored under Howard Fine, he’s a really renowned acting coach. I was really fortunate enough to work under him but this is really my first film and I’m in a lead character amongst the best actors in the Philippines so I’m really blessed to be part of it,” she shared.

In Across the Crescent Moon, Alex plays the role of a Catholic-raised woman who falls in love with a Muslim soldier played by her former high school flame Matteo Guidicelli. “It’s true yes that Matteo and I dated before. That was ten years ago. We were still in high school. It was puppy love you know but we did remain friends. It was actually great to work with him because I knew him as a racecar driver. I didn’t know he wanted to be an actor and that he wanted to sing. I went to the States and I lived there for seven years and then when I came back I got the chance to work with my friend. And I’m so proud of him and his work ethic. He works so hard and he’s really creative, I didn’t know. It was awesome. And Ivan (Carapiet) we’ve been friends since we were 14. I have a boyfriend. We’ve been together for a while now. Me and Matteo we went to different schools. We just have common friends,” she explained.

Alex shared that there was no awkwardness between her and her leading man even on her first day on the set. "Well I got hired literally 24 hours before my first shoot date. So I had a sleepless night and I read the script. But with Matteo it was great because I knew him already, we’ve been friends before so there won’t be a problem getting to know each other. It wasn’t weird at all. Not at all awkward because we were together when I was 17. I’m 27 now. Like that’s ten years ago. Both of us have relationships, we’re in long-term relationships and our spouses if you can call them that, are very supportive. Like you need that type of spouse to be with you because you need to pretend to be in love with people especially if it’s your ex-boyfriend. It wasn’t weird at all. In fact it was easier because we knew each other and we’re friends,” she said.

Currently in a long-term relationship with a non-showbiz boyfriend, Alex said it caused no issues with her own relationships. "In fact I was like, ‘Can you be a little jealous naman?’ Parang N.R. Sabi niya, ‘Go for it babe.’ I’ve been with my boyfriend for eight years and when we first met he knew that this was what I wanted to do for my career so he’s aware of what I have to do. There’s a limit naman like I won’t get naked on screen (laughs),” she recalled.

Alex revealed she has even met and spent time with Matteo’s current girlfriend Sarah Geronimo. "Yes she gave me silvanas. She’s so nice. I have no bad blood for anyone and I hope that Sarah’s fans like me. I had a good time with her. We were both sitting in the dubbing session and she was kind to me. We were civil and wala talagang problem,” she added.

Across the Crescent Moon opens in theaters nationwide on January 25.