Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger are officially a couple

Pia said she and the race car driver have a lot in common.



1/16/2017 3:49 PM
Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger are officially a couple

011617-PIA_push.jpgIt’s official – Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and race car driver Marlon Stockinger are now a couple. This was confirmed by Pia herself in an interview with sports reporter Dyan Castillejo on Monday, January 16.

According to a report by ABS-CBN News, Pia said, “I’m glad that I finally met somebody who’s very secure with himself and who understands my job, and who’s not afraid to let me have my moment such as right now, now that the competition is happening here,” referring to the 2016 Miss Universe pageant which the country currently hosts.

Likewise, Pia added, “I’m also happy with the fact that he’s a Filipino and that he’s also a Catholic. I think we have a lot of things in common.”

Pia also shared how her manager Esther Swan, Miss Universe president Paula Shugart and the rest of the Miss Universe organization approve of Marlon, saying that it was a huge relief on her part as she does not have to worry.

Pia and Marlon made waves online during the holidays as they shared photos of their vacation in Hawaii.