Five more things we love about ‘Til I Met You’

Five more things we love about ‘Til I Met You’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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09/09/2016 09:39 AM
Five more things we love about ‘Til I Met You’

It’s only been two weeks but we’re already hooked on the newest Kapamilya series Til I Met You. Aside from the obvious reasons (and by that we mean James Reid and Nadine Lustre), here are five more reasons to keep you hungry to watch more of what happens to Iris and Basti’s story on the hottest show on Primetime TV.

5.The location


Even James Reid couldn’t deny that they found the perfect place for a romantic series. He even counts Santorini in Greece as one of the most beautiful places he’s ever been to. "I think the best place for taking photos was Greece. It’s really nice. It’s impossible to take a bad photo. It’s so beautiful there!”

4.The Best Friend


Although she’s considered a newcomer when it comes to television, Kim Molina has been performing on stage since she was five years old. She also brought home the Senior Grand Champion vocalist of the world when she represented the country at the World Championships of the Performing Arts in L.A in 2009. In TIMY, she’s already making her mark as Nadine Lustre’s best friend Kelly. 

3.Ang Tres Marias (also known as “The Mommies”)


We already know what kind of actresses Carmina Villaruel, Pokwang, and Angel Aquino are based from their numerous roles in previous dramas. As loving moms to Nadine, JC, and James (Angel is his soon-to-be stepmom) respectively, it’s refreshing to see them inject touching mother-child bonding moments every so often into the scenes. And we also can’t wait to see what happens when they finally get reunited in TIMY after so many years. 

2.The New Business


Even before the series premiered, we already had an idea that the three lead stars would eventually start their own wedding events business. Right now, the story is still at its early stages with Nadine and JC still finishing college so we might have to wait a little longer to see them all finally working together and wondering how their interesting love triangle progresses. 

1. JC Santos


We think a big (if not the biggest) reason why this Jadine project has become even more exciting is the inclusion of stage performer JC Santos. Even with his TV character Ali coming out as gay onscreen, JC seems to have cemented his heartthrob status as seen from all his positive reviews and his continually growing following online. Aside from having the talent (and confidence) to portray ABS-CBN’s first homosexual lead character in a romantic drama, we think JC Santos has successfully broken the mold of what a matinee idol is and should be. More projects in the future for this guy please!