Cristalle Belo is now Mrs. Pitt

Cristalle Belo is now Mrs. Pitt-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


09/10/2016 01:32 AM
Cristalle Belo is now Mrs. Pitt


Cristalle Belo Henares, daughter of celebrity doctor Vicki Belo tied the knot with her Australian fiancé Justin Pitt through a civil ceremony yesterday, September 8. Vicki, Cristalle’s grandfather Larry Henares and brother Quark Henares were also present during the ceremony.

"Today I legally become MRS. PITT! I love you [Justin],” she wrote on Instagram.

Vicki also posted the special moment and welcomed her son-in-law.

"It's official [Cristalle] is now legally Mrs. Pitt. Welcome to the family [Justin Pitt 77]. Remember how happy you are today and recapture the feeling every day. For those who are wondering Justin and Cristalle had to get married in the Philippines civilly before having their ceremony in Italy."