Do Sofia Andres’s siblings approve of Diego Loyzaga?

Sofia Andres’s sister shares that Diego Loyzaga and Sofia once babysat her daughter.


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9/6/2016 9:12 AM
Do Sofia Andres’s siblings approve of Diego Loyzaga?

090616-SofiaAndres_PUSH.jpgFollowing rumors that young artists Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres are dating, Sofia’s sister Lara shared that her three-year-old daughter would sometimes bond with Diego during their guest appearance on Magandang Buhay.

Kasi may school ata ako ‘nun tapos biglang nakita ko sa IG (Instagram) may picture pala sila ni Diego. Lumabas pala sila… Parang nagbabysit sila for one day. Kahit anong orderin daw ni Audrey (her daughter), inorder daw ni Diego. Nakakatuwa naman.” 

Meanwhile, Sofia’s brother Ian was asked if he approves of Diego for his younger sister who recently turned 18.

  “Well, ako, kasi pagdating sa ganyang bagay, kumbaga, hindi ako ‘yun palasagot or comment sa ganyan. Kasi, ang gusto ko lang talaga kung kanino nila maramdaman, kung kanino sila truly happy, maging happy, gano’n. Kasi walang boto-boto pagdating sa ganyang bagay, kumbaga, support,” he said. He added, however, that giving guidance should never stop. 

While Sofia and Diego were rumored to be dating, the two have denied this in the past with Sofia telling ABS-CBN News in July that they are only close friends.