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Nadine Lustre says life isn’t complete without James Reid

Nadine Lustre talks about their sizzling kissing scenes in ‘Till I Met You.’

Nadine Lustre says life isn’t complete without James Reid-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


09/24/2016 02:12 AM
Nadine Lustre says life isn’t complete without James Reid
After their much-awaited first onscreen kiss in their new series Till I Met You, James Reid and Nadine Lustre revealed that Jadine fans can look forward to more sweet moments between their characters Basti and Iris. “Yung journey kasi nung characters namin yung interesting. Marami pa kasing mangyayari so marami pa silang dapat abangan. It’s just the very beginning so ang dami dami pang mangyayari,” Nadine shared during the 7-Eleven City Blends coffee presscon held last September 22 at the Oasis Manila. 

James shared why their kissing scene was easy to do. Their real life relationship played a big role in making their job easier. "Actually it was quite normal for us. It wasn’t like in On the Wings of Love where it was kind of weird then. But now, it just seemed natural like I was just kissing my girlfriend. For us it’s just very natural,” he admitted.
Nadine said they were a little bit surprised to watch the final product on primetime TV. "Parang four kisses yata yung pinalabas pero nung tinake namin parang two lang. So sabi namin, ‘Direk parang ang dami (laughs).’ But anyway everyone loved it so kami lang naman ang gusto lang namin was mag-enjoy yung ating millennials so they loved it naman. Of course no. Wala na kaming ilangan,” she added.

During the 7-Eleven presscon, the 22-year-old actress was also asked how life would be without James and she immediately answered, “incomplete." 

With their series recently moved to a later time slot, Nadine admitted it really might mean more kissing scenes between her and James. "Kasi nga late so mas allowed? (laughs) Well according to direk Tonette (Antoinette Jadaone), um-oo siya eh. May nagtanong sa Twitter and then um-oo siya so I guess (laughs) yeah,” she said.

The couple agreed that they feel more at home in the same slot that their blockbuster series OTWOL used to occupy. "It’s more comfortable at saka nasanay lahat ng tao sa third slot so it’s like habit na nga nila,” Nadine shared.

The 7-Eleven endorsers also reacted to recent news that one of their favorite American bands The Chainsmokers liked a video of them in Cebu singing the song “Closer.” "May nag-screenshot and then na-collage and then tinag kami. Nakita namin sa tagged photos. Super busy kasi, nasa taping kami nung nakita namin yun. Super happy ako kasi yun naman talaga yung gusto ko gawin. Dun ako nag-start sa performing so very happy na-re-recognize ng mga international artists yung work namin,” Nadine said.

If ever they could send a message to the Chainsmokers, Nadine said, "Please make more LSS-worthy songs! Kasi yung ‘Closer’ talaga hindi ko talaga maalis sa utak ko. Talagang everyday pinapatugtog ko pa rin siya tapos maya’t maya."