James Reid shares his top photography tips

James Reid shares his top photography tips-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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09/22/2016 10:44 AM
James Reid shares his top photography tips


Not unlike his role as the laidback but visually creative Basti on the hit series Till I Met You, James Reid has a love for photography whenever his isn't the subject in front of the camera. James shared some of his best tips to taking photos which are the best examples of why his Instagram is definitely #feedgoals worthy. 

 1. Use what you got

"I was just using my cellphone camera until I got my cameras. These really helps capture what you see. So it helps capture your memories better. Also with videos, you appreciate memories more in the long run. I started with photography last year."

2. Don't be afraid to break the rules

"Photography was just casual fun before. When I learned to use the camera, I learned that there’s rules. I’ve been researching how to use cameras and everything on photography. There’s rules when you take photos. But there’s also no rules. You can experiment and that’s the fun part, playing around. So really don’t be afraid to use manual mode and just have a look."

3. Find scenic locations 

"I think the best place for taking photos was the place I was recently in, sa Greece. It’s really beautiful there. It’s really nice. It’s impossible to take a bad photo. It’s so beautiful there."

4. Don't be afraid to experiment 

"As of now I'm taking photos of whatever I see. I don’t think I’ve gotten that far into it to find out what my style is. People say I have a good eye. I’m not sure if I am a good photographer but I just take photos of what I think is beautiful."

5. Find a favorite subject 

For James, there's nobody else he loves taking photos of than his reel and real love team partner Nadine Lustre. "I think my favorite shot of her is actually on my Instagram. The caption was “Stunning.” The photo was in Lake Tahoe during the sunset. It’s all pink. It’s really beautiful."