EXCLUSIVE: Venus Raj on dating again: ‘I prefer non-showbiz guys’

Venus Raj talks about her ideal qualities in a partner.

EXCLUSIVE: Venus Raj on dating again: ‘I prefer non-showbiz guys’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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09/22/2016 08:46 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Venus Raj on dating again: ‘I prefer non-showbiz guys’

092216-VenusRaj-MAIN.jpgAfter declaring that she is very much single right now, Venus Raj said she is not bothered whenever she has to wear wedding gowns for fashion shows anymore. "I’ve been walking for Francis Libiran since 2012 or 2013 probably. Medyo matagal-tagal na rin. I am really actually comfortable wearing wedding gowns. Sabi ko nga sa sarili ko, ‘I think I’ve worn so many wedding gowns already in the six-year span of being in the modeling industry pero I don’t know when I’m going to wear my own (laughs). Wala pa naman, "she shared after walking the runway for Francis Libiran in the “Journey to I Do” bridal show held at the Conrad Hotel Manila.

 At 28, the beauty queen said she is not in any hurry to look for Mr. Right. "Not naman that I don’t believe in dating but I believe in waiting for the one that the Lord is really preparing for you. Kasi sabi nga even the day that you are born, there is really someone that the Lord is preparing for you to be your partner. for the rest of your life. But I don’t want to hurry because most of the time when we hurry we end up with the wrong person and we just experience unnecessary pains and heartaches so I would really want to wait for that person,” she explained.

 Although she has not closed her doors on dating, Venus said she prefers to date non-showbiz guys. The statuesque beauty from Camarines Sur admitted she will wait for her Mr. Right. “Kasi pag usapang puso mahirap sagutin (laughs). I’m pragmatic but at the same time there are specific qualities that I’m really looking out for. Not naman looking but waiting for that person. I made so many mistakes in my past relationships. I just realized that when I truly became a follower of Jesus. I’ve been claiming to be a follower of Jesus since birth but I think it has just manifested in my actions in the way I am in 2014. Now I have that criteria. Not naman so strict pero I have my non-negotiable like number one the person should be Godly. Not just claiming to be a Christian but you should see it in the person’s actions and way of life,” she explained.

 Venus said she hopes to meet a man with a strong sense of faith. "Second quality that I look for is that the person’s prayer life is active. He has to have an intimate relationship with the Lord because if none, it’s hard if the person is not prayerful because when it comes to decisions in life and how you’re going to raise your children, yung mga ganung factors na malalaki na kailangan mmong desisyunan napakahalaga that the person’s prayer life is okay,” she added.