PBB Teen Marco Gallo scores a date with Liza Soberano

Marco Bello wakes up to find Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano in the dining room.


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9/20/2016 9:44 AM
PBB Teen Marco Gallo scores a date with Liza Soberano

092016-MarcoGallo_PUSH.jpgFollowing Kapamilya stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s visit inside the Pinoy Big Brother  house, it was Liza Soberano’s turn this time to surprise the housemates. Most of the male housemates admitted to have a crush on Liza.

 In a conversation with Big Brother before she entered the house, Liza said that she is excited to get to know the housemates as she would see online videos of them talking about her and love team partner Enrique Gil. She said that she wants to meet them too.

 Big Brother then gave a task to Liza. According to him, Liza will get to meet each male housemate who must see her doing a scene.

 First to be tasked to meet Liza in the dining area was the half-Pinoy, half-Italian Marco Bello who just woke up. He was surprised to see a crying Liza, saying that somebody pushed her and that’s scared since she does not know why she is inside the house.

 Seemingly suppressing his emotions, a confused Marco then went inside the confession room where he vented out his pent-up feelings after talking to the Kapamilya star. He also asked Big Brother why Liza was there crying to which Kuya joked that he is still dreaming.


Marco was then given a seven-minute date with Liza so he immediately got ready. Dining with the young actress, Liza requested that Marco eat three chili peppers as she is fond of eating spicy food. Marco gave into her request although he found them hot.