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EXCLUSIVE: Jericho Rosales explains how he and Kim Jones juggle their career and married life

Jericho admits he and Kim are in a ‘tough situation,’ working and traveling apart.

Joan Leary


09/19/2016 08:23 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Jericho Rosales explains how he and Kim Jones juggle their career and married life

091916-JerichoRosales_PUSH.jpgJericho Rosales’ marriage with model-TV host Kim Jones may be an ideal marriage to some but the actor revealed that a union like theirs is a lot of hard work. Kim is currently in the US covering the New York Fashion Week while Jericho is busy with his teleserye Magpahanggang Wakas.

“It’s very difficult. Some people say we’ve got a very modern relationship, she travels a lot, we just saw each other in New York 15 days and I came back and she’s doing the fashion week. Total opposite ‘yung time. I came from Canada, did this show then flew to NY to see her and then back again straight to work,” the actor shared.

Although Jericho admitted that this is a ‘tough situation,’ they still find time to make their relationship work by keeping each other updated all the time. They make sure that they have constant communication and they usually send 3-minute video updates just ‘to know what’s happening.’

“It’s a very difficult season for Kim and I. It’s a matter of being on point,” he said.

“Kim is a career woman and I wanna give that to her,” he added.

The actor shared that this usually happens once or twice a year since Fashion Week is done annually around the world and he gets extra busy when he gets to work for a film, TV series and even his business. Having different worlds, he says that they’re learning a lot in just 2 years of marriage.

“I guess to sum it all up I’ve always go back to ‘yung philosophy namin ni Kim sa relationship that our relationship comes first.”

Aside from his upcoming TV series with actress Arci Muñoz, he is about to launch his business called Mr. Manileño on his birthday, September 22. He then shared some info about the travel website.

“Mr. Manileño started as a hashtag. It came from a desire to share my travels and my passion for all the good stuff for men. I go to barber shops I check out clothes and places and things and food. I’m a big motorcycle fan. I ride, I surf I have a lot of friends who deserve to be on the spotlight because they’re doing an amazing job in their respective careers.”

The site also aims to help men who need ‘guidance’ when it comes to grooming, places to eat.

“Eventually I met up with some friends they recommended people. Now I have a team of four so total of five,” he shared.

Even though he already has a creative director and him being naturally creative, he confessed that this is hectic and being an ‘editor at large is tough’ for him.

Siguro by October, November I’m planning to take up a short business course or something like Marketing here in the Philippines. Something to empower me pa.”

Aside from his wife, he also has another special person to spend time with and that’s his son Santino. Santino is already making a name for himself in the sports scene, particularly football. Jericho was happy to share that he and his son have a lot of similarities.

“He’s a gentleman. He’s a good boy I’m so blessed that we have a good son. He like sports he plays for 2 soccer teams (Kaya Futbol Club and San Agustin) he’s very much into grooming as well and business,” he said.

With Santino’s good looks, is his son willing to enter the showbiz world?

“He doesn’t wanna be an artista, He doesn’t mind doing commercials but 100% [sports],” Jericho said.

Santino’s dream is to become a professional footballer like David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo.

“My dream for him when he was a kid, I think na-embed na sa kanya to was be an Olympian. I wanted him to finish his studies and career niya. He’s a very level-headed guy so I’m so blessed to have him.”