Get to know Sam Milby’s lady love, Mari Jasmine

Get to know Sam Milby’s lady love, Mari Jasmine-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


09/18/2016 12:33 AM
Get to know Sam Milby’s lady love, Mari Jasmine


Many were happy to see Sam Milby in a relationship again after not being committed for more than five years. His last high profile relationship was with actress Anne Curtis. This time, his inspiration is model Mari Jasmine.

Mari was born to a Japanese mother and English father and was raised in Sydney, Australia. According to her website, she was born in Tokyo, Japan and lived her first five years together with her siblings.

“We then relocated to Australia, where I studied and spent an awesome childhood kicking around a soccer ball and swimming in the sea,” she shared.

Before getting into modeling, she took different jobs such as “being a barista in London to working in a medical assistance company in Paris.”

When she became a model, she had the opportunity to see the world.

“Work took me to Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Malaysia and the Philippines (where I now live)!”

In the Philippines, she is the latest addition to ETC Channel’s Etcetera family. Mari is a reporter alongside Kim Jones-Rosales and they cover fashion and lifestyle news.

In her free time, she shares healthy recipes on her website.

She also loves photography.