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EXCLUSIVE: Michael De Mesa shares why he moved back to the Philippines

Michael De Mesa admits he misses acting on television.


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8/9/2016 9:02 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Michael De Mesa shares why he moved back to the Philippines

080916-michael_main.jpgAfter relocating to the United States more than five years ago, Michael De Mesa revealed that he and his wife decided to move back to the country for good. The talented actor, who is set to play the role of Oliver Warbucks in the upcoming stage musical Annie, cited professional reasons for their decision. "Im back here now. Before I was based in America and then I would come here for work. But since Im here most of the time, we decided to go. My wife and I decided to come back. So were based here now,” he told Push.com.ph.

The Annie the musical actor said he looks forward to acting on stage again after doing another popular musical in the country  last year. "Im very excited. After La Cages Aux Folles which I did last year which was my comeback after six years so Annie I think is just the right vehicle to do after La Cages. Definitely this role is tamer. But the character is totally different. Not naman tamed but different talaga. I can play any role. Actually gay, straight, dark, light roles—theyre all the same. I treat them the same way. Theres actually no difference in creating the character or building the role,” he admitted.

The musical was something Michael admitted his entire family is already familiar with. "When my kids were growing up, I made them watch the movie. And then now that I have grand kids, theyll be watching it also. So Ive seen the movie Annie, the old original one and the new version. I think Ill be the fourth Daddy Warbucks to do it in the Philippines. Because Repertory Philippines has done it years back and the actors that portrayed Daddy Warbucks are great actors. Youll have to watch it to see the difference (laughs),” he added.

For the musical, Michael has been rehearsing almost every day with the two young stars alternating for the lead role: Krystal Brimner and Isabeli Elizalde. “Masarap katrabaho. Ang maganda dito sa mga bata theyre very open. At saka madali silang kausap. But of course children will always be children pero madali silang kausap and ako ang dating sa akin, Im really working with colleagues eh. Kasi para silang professionals lalo na si Krystal has experience in film and now shes doing theater. Si Isabeli has no experience whatsoever. This is her very first pero magaling yung bata. She shows a lot of promise in terms of singing and acting department meron yung batang yan. Shell go a long, long way,” he explained.

After being part of successive stage productions, does this mean the 56-year-old actor is focusing on theater? "I want to (do teleseryes). Im not letting go of teleseryes and films. Its different kasi so Im blessed to be able to do all, theater, film, and TV. For me naman whatever comes along, Ill grab it if it interests me. If it challenges me Ill say yes to it,” he shared.

As Annie starts its run on September 30, Michael shared why the story remains relevant even after more than three decades. "Well its the message of the whole play, the story about an orphan who just wants to have parents to love her regardless of time period. I think even for today akma pa rin siya kasi it basicallt speaks about love and acceptance,” he said.