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Will Angel Aquino allow her daughters to enter show business?

Angel Aquino also talks about her new role in ‘Till I Met You.’


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8/31/2016 9:41 AM
Will Angel Aquino allow her daughters to enter show business?

083116-angel_main.jpgFrom the defunct late afternoon teleserye And I Love You So, actress Angel Aquino is back on Philippine TV through the newest primetime soap, Till I Met You which premiered on Monday, August 29.

“It always makes me happy to be working and acting… I’m happy now it’s a different role. It’s not as intense as the one in Apoy sa Dagat (2013) and And I Love You So (2015) because they were very intense,” she said.

Talking about what people can expect of her character, she continued, “This one is very light. I’m with really happy people. Although ‘yung role ko, medyo may konti siyang kamalditahan but it’s something that I think people would still love.”

According to Angel, her character Val will become best friends with the characters of Carmina Villaroel (Cas) and Pokwang (Agnes) after one man named Nestor (played by Zoren Legaspi) broke their hearts. While Cas still hopes for love and Agnes will find love, Angel said her character becomes jaded who will eventually pursue Nestor as she is still in love with him. Hence, a conflict in their friendship arises.

Ang magiging internal conflict ng character ko is do I choose friendship over love? Or can they go together?” she said, adding that although Val loves her friends, she also yearns for the love of her life.

Does she prefer playing an antagonist or a protagonist role?

“I don’t really mind kung alin kasi somehow ‘yung mga protagonist na nabibigay din sa’kin, medyo challenging din sila kasi meron din namang mga complexities whether you’re a protagonist or an antagonist so it’s up to you which one you want to downplay. Gusto mo ba kontrabida ka na mamahalin nila? Somehow pakita mo ‘yung good side niya. Ako, I don’t mind. I don’t choose roles,” she answered.

While she doesn’t have a specific dream role, Angel, however, said, “I know when I cannot let a role go. I don’t have a dream role but I have dream projects.”

Meanwhile, Angel and her two children Iana and Thea appeared on the morning show, Umagang Kay Ganda on Monday, August 29. The three would often get featured for both their beauty and bonding moments.

When asked if she will allow her daughters to enter show business, Angel said, “Malaki na sila and whatever decision they have, I will respect it. Of course, since I’m already here, I will try to help them in whatever way I can and also guide them every step of the way.” She also said that if this opportunity comes, why not?