Four tips on how to be youthful like Angel Aquino

Stay young like Angel Aquino and learn from her diet, exercise, and beauty secrets.


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8/27/2016 8:57 AM
Four tips on how to be youthful like Angel Aquino


Slender, smooth-skinned and honey-toned, it is hard to believe that actress-host Angel Aquino, who is also a mother of two, is already in her 40s. Angel, who will return to primetime through the James Reid-Nadine Lustre starrer Till I Met You, gladly shared tips she swears by in order to remain being youthful. 

1. Diet: Drink a lot of water

When it comes to her diet, Angel said that she would always advise people to drink plenty of H2O as water is one’s best friend.

“It makes up the most part of your body so you really have to replenish it all the time,” she told

Likewise, she shared that reading about how water can help ease headaches. “Kasi your brain is mostly also water so minsan when you have a headache, it’s usually because you’re dehydrated,” Angel said.

2. Exercise: Try to do it everyday

Although she admitted skipping on exercise for about 15 to 20 years, Angel, nonetheless, acknowledges its value now. 

“May pasundot sundot lang ako na nag-try ako ng Bikram (Yoga) for maybe a month. Nag-try ako ng ibang exercise but I would only attend a few times but now, I realized the importance of exercise,” she said.

“As in everyday, you can put it in your schedule kahit man lang, I don’t know, dance or something basta you try to move lalo na when you’re getting older, you really have to move those muscles or else they will get weaker and then you will get weaker.”

“Your body is the only one you’ve got so you have to take care of it,” she said.

3. Beauty regimen: Use moisturizer

Angel stressed the importance of using moisturizer on the face, “Moisturizer is important and is never too early. Kahit ‘yung mga bata at even if you have oily skin, moisturize with water-based moisturizers because it will really pay off eventually.”

4. Outlook in life: Don’t lose hope

For Angel, she believes in staying optimistic about life.

“Don’t ever lose hope. Don’t ever lose your trust in your life. Know that things will unravel and everything will just work out,” she said, adding that she also has her own struggles.

“Kasi ako, I have that struggle also especially that I’m in my 40s so siyempre, mag-mimid-life crisis ka na niyan. You don’t know what will happen in the next half of your life or in the next year. You don’t know if you’ve achieved enough because you’re never satisfied with whatever you’ve already done. Pero ‘yun na nga, you just have to be kind to yourself. Always give yourself a pat in the back and say you’re doing a good job,” she said, reiterating the importance of appreciating and loving one’s self.