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Director Paolo Dy on his movie ‘Ignacio de Loyola’: ‘It’s a sinner movie’

Director Paolo Dy talks about sharing the ‘Game of Thrones’ set in Spain.


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8/2/2016 10:46 AM
Director Paolo Dy on his movie ‘Ignacio de Loyola’: ‘It’s a sinner movie’

080216-paolody_main.jpgWith the positive reviews about his movie featuring the life of St. Ignatius, director Paolo Dy said he is proud to be the first Pinoy film to be screened at the Vatican last June. "There are only maybe five people in the whole world who have seen the whole thing with all parts in place. I’m very excited for people to finally be able to see it because we’ve worked so hard for this and you deserve to how Andreas Munoz has done and brought St. ignatius to life. I’m looking forward to being able to sleep finally. (laughs) It’s been screened there already. We showed them a work in progress piece, not all the elements were there. t’s the first Filipino film to be able to be screened there. That was a special moment,” he recalled.

The Ignacio de Loyola filmmaker admitted he felt happy with the feedback they got from the Vatican. "The people who watched the film (in the Vatican) some of them were in tears, many of them really liked it a lot and said it was an accurate representation of who Ignatius was. And the joke there was that the Jesuits there were saying, ‘We knew Ignatius historically and he was a good looking man but this is ridiculous (laughs).’ So they really enjoyed it a lot,” he added.

Having shot in various locations in Spain, Paolo said they shared the same location where the last season of Game of Thrones was shot. "Game of Thrones shot in the same locations we did. We like to joke, ‘Hey we got there first (laughs).’ It’s not surprising to us that Game of Thrones chose to shoot there. Number one, the locations are gorgeous and the Navarra film council helped us a lot,” he admitted.

Contrary to what most people would assume, Paolo said Ignacio de Loyola is not your typical life story of a saint. “It’s not strictly an action film, it’s not strictly a historical film, it’s definitely not what you call a strictly religious film. It’s very human, it’s a very emotional take on a struggle of a man who has tremendous dreams but was forced to abandon them and find another way to happiness. We were saying it’s not a saint movie, it’s a sinner movie. What we wanted was to show someone that was not perfect because to us perfect people are kind of boring. It’s far more interesting to see the struggle of a real human being who wanted to become better because I think all of us can relate to that. In the end, Ignacio is everything wrong and everything right about each one of us,” he said.

Apart from holding the premiere in Manila and Cebu, the Ignacio de Loyola director said that he is hoping to bring the film to the international film festival scene. "We, of course, would love it if we get to join some of the film festivals around the world. We’d love to have international screenings as well, those are plans,” he said. Paolo said the movie is essentially a Filipino production with an all-Spanish cast. "The spearheading entity is really Jesuit Communications Foundation under the guidance of Jesuit Asia Pacific Conference. So it is really an Asian-centered project to begin with and we went over and got the cooperation of the Spanish authorities there and also of course the Spanish Jesuits as well,” he said.