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Coleen Garcia clarifies ‘suggestive’ title of upcoming movie ‘Extra Service’

Coleen however explained that their film would be still somewhat sexy.


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8/18/2016 1:40 PM
Coleen Garcia clarifies ‘suggestive’ title of upcoming movie ‘Extra Service’

081816-coleen_main.jpgColeen Garcia has explained that her upcoming movie with Arci Muñoz and Jessy Mendiola does not really focus on the sexual aspect.
The former It’s Showtime host added that all three of them would be working in a spa. 
“’Yung spa na ‘yun parang ang extra service, pag may pumupunta diyan na may mission, yan ang parang nagiging password tapos sasabihin magkano at ilang minuto,” she explained in an interview during the after party of the film That Thing Called Tanga Na starring her boyfriend Billy Crawford along with Eric Quizon, Kean Cipriano, Martin Escudero and Angeline Quinto.
 “Tapos kailangan tama yung sabihin nya para mabigyan na kami ng mission,” she added. 
Coleen said they would function as “spies” of sorts on the film. But since “extra service” has a different connotation these days, the film would also showcase the “repercussion” once the “password” was used incorrectly.

“So usually may pumupunta na iba ibang guys and whenever they say that tapos mali yung sagot, pinupunish namin sila,” she said.
According to Coleen, the cameras have already started rolling for the Chris Martinez film.

“May mga character na magaling sa lahat ng gadgets and weapons, may isa naman na palaban, iba-iba,” she said.
Since they have just started filming it, Coleen explained that her favorite scenes are those “’yung magkakasama kami kasi, iba ‘yung ugali ng bawat character.”

After her explanation, is it safe to assume that the film won’t be sexy?
“Sexy in the sense na parang as females, yung the way we dress, pero in terms of daring scenes, hindi naman,” she immediately explained. 

“Pero it's still sexy na tatlo kaming mga babae at our age and everything, may factors na ‘yung costumes namin,” Coleen added.
Coleen mentioned that the film would be the first time that she would be working with Jessy Mendiola.

“So far naka isang scene pa lang kami together and so far everything is going well,” she said.
As for Arci, with whom she has worked with on Pasion de Amor together with Ellen Adarna, Coleen has nothing but good words for the actress.

“If there's someone that I really love working with si Arci talaga ‘yung isa sa mga tao talaga na I really enjoy working with kasi bukod sa mahusay siya, masaya siya kasama behind the camera,” Coleen remarked.