Karen Bordador refuses to sign drug test papers

It is up to the court to determine the legal implication of Bordador’s refusal to sign the consent form.



8/17/2016 9:37 AM
Karen Bordador refuses to sign drug test papers

081716-Karen_main.jpgRadio DJ Karen Bordador along with her boyfriend Emilio Lim Jr. were recently arrested by the police after a buy bust operation in the latter’s condo unit. Since August 16, the two are detained at the Southern Police District (SPD) headquarters in Taguig City.

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A case investigator informed the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Karen gave out a urine sample for her drug test but didn’t sign ‘the police request form indicating her consent’ while Emilio signed the papers.  The initial result of their drug test came out positive.

When they were caught, Karen told the authorities that she had no idea about her boyfriend’s illegal activity and she just went to Emilio’s condominium to visit him but the police who arrested her said otherwise.

They said she was the one who took out the ecstasy pills from a suitcase and handed it to Emilio when he was transacting with an undercover policeman.

They caught the couple with P2.5 million worth of ecstasy pills, flavored marijuana dried leaves and marijuana resin or oil.