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Five tips on how to make it in the international scene like Michelle Ayalde

How did Michelle Ayalde conquer Malaysia?


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8/14/2016 9:42 AM
Five tips on how to make it in the international scene like Michelle Ayalde


When original Wansapanataym theme song singer Michelle Ayalde flew to Malaysia almost three years ago, she virtually had zero assurance that she would be making a career there.

Now, three years later, Michelle has returned to the country, not just for vacation, but for the local launch of her album titled HiPNOTIC.

Michelle’s first international album was launched in Malaysia twice under Warner Music Malaysia. Now, the seven-track album, which was produced by Worldwide Platinum Records, can be streamed via Spotify or downloaded via iTunes.

But how did she do it? How was she able to penetrate the international music scene? Here are Michelle’s five simple tips.

1 Believe in yourself

Prior to leaving the country in 2013, Michelle was a lounge singer in a posh hotel. Although she did not continue being in the limelight, Michelle said she never really lost faith in herself, especially since her family has always been behind her every endeavor.

2 Be humble

Things never came easy for Michelle when she got to Malaysia. She battled the usual discrimination that many OFWs face while working overseas. But this did not deter Michelle since she understood that “Kailangan mo kasi makisama eh.” True enough, a few years down the line, Michelle earned the trust and respect of her colleagues. From being just a performer, she became the bandleader in the club where she was working.

3 Always practice

Cliché as it may sound, practice does make perfect. The same idea goes for singing.

“Never be contented. Kasi kailangan mong i-improve lagi ang sarili mo. Hindi puwede na sikat kana na singer eh hindi kana mag-aaral kung papaano mo i-improve ang sarili mo,” she said.

Michelle, for instance, worked hard to improve on her dancing skills and other facets.

“I want something new para pagbalik ko ‘Ah si Michelle sumasayaw na pala ngayon. Ah si Michelle kaya ng kunin ang crowd ngayon!’” she explained.

4 Always have faith

Positive as she was, Michelle admitted that there are bad days when she almost found herself thinking twice about venturing overseas. But before her doubts would deepen, Michelle turned to her faith for reassurance.

Kasi kakapit ka talaga sa taas eh. ‘Yun ang makakatulong sa ‘yo,” she said.

5 Explore your talents

Just because you can do one thing doesn’t mean that you have to stick into doing that for the rest of your life. Michelle, for instance, had to be paired up with other local singers when she was first starting out.

But now, after leaving for Malaysia, she can confidently sing solo and be on par with other performers from different countries. Not only that, she has also reshaped her brand of music from being a “biritera” to an R&B singer.