EXCLUSIVE: JayR is proud to be a music producer

JayR wants the world to hear original Pinoy music.


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8/12/2016 10:31 AM
EXCLUSIVE: JayR is proud to be a music producer

081216-jayr_main.jpgWith promising talents under his Homeworkz music label, Jay-R just returned from a successful US concert tour which he headlined along with his good friend Kris Lawrence. Dubbed Original Music Only, the concert series took them to cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Las Vegas. "I came up with the concept to further promote Homeworkz new slogan ‘Original Music Only.’ And what better way to push OPM than with my own Homeworkz artists. Especially because with us together in a concert the audience will always be on their toes from the variety of different genres of music we offer,” JayR told Push.com.ph.

JayR admitted he is proud of his roster of musical talents. "All the Homeworkz's orders that I work with are all proactive. None of them wait for me to make music videos music for their album or a promo that they need to do to further get the music out there. That is the kind of artist that I look for an artist like myself. An artist that knows what they want and knows how to get it,” he explained.

The singer and music producer shared one of the keys to success as an artist. "The key to performance is rehearsal. Practice makes perfect. That's the only way to elevate your game as far as a performer. This way you'll always be prepared when you hit the stage,” he added.

JayR also shared the reason he chose to manage Martin Nievera’s eldest son Robin who joined him on his U.S tour. "Robin Nievera is an amazing artist. From his song writing, musicality, and education in the music industry he humbly offers to Homeworkz,” he shared.

Those present to support their tour was Robin’s dad Martin Nievera and world-class boxing champ Nonito Donaire.

The 35-year-old artist said he has definitely grown a lot after deciding to have his own music label. "My experience grew more as a producer. Handling people, booking venues, coordinating stage, lights and sound, drawing up proposals for TV, newspapers, sponsors, and ex-deals and so many other producer duties definitely opened up my eyes. But one thing is for sure its so hard juggling from artist to producer and vice versa,” he said.

Even after starting out in the industry over 13 years ago, JayR admitted producing music has always been part of his long-term plans. "Even before I moved to the Philippines I've always wanted to own my own record label. And now that I have is my main goal is to get back to my musical community by helping very talented and hard-working artists,” he said.