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From King to Queen: Ian King’s journey to being Angelina Mead King

Angelina King shares her story with friend Tim Yap, who first introduced her to wife Joey Mead.

Joan Leary


07/06/2016 10:29 AM
From King to Queen: Ian King’s journey to being Angelina Mead King
070616-angelinaking_main.jpgLess than a week after revealing she is now a trans woman, Angelina Mead King shared how she transitioned to close friend Tim Yap, who introduced her to her wife Joey Mead. 

In Tim’s column on the Philippine Star, Angie (as she prefers to be called), admitted it wasn’t an overnight decision for her to come out in the open. Angie said she already had an interest with wearing women’s clothes when he was around 7 years old.

“There was always that interest ever since I was a kid. Like I would sneak into the maids’ room — sadly —and I’d borrow stuff. And then weirdly enough, my dad didn’t always have a partner in the house because my mom and dad were separated. So there were not much women’s clothes at home so the maid’s was like the first and then as it progressed, wherever I could borrow,” she shared.

Tim became the matchmaker between the Victoria Court managing director and the supermodel 10 years ago and Joey already knew about the ‘secret’ during the early stages of their relationship. Angie divulged it’s typical for Joey to have her own her struggle with the situation.

“[I told her] a few months into our relationship. I told her I like to wear women’s underwear and it escalated from there. Joey has had her struggles, we had struggles, but we never separated over it. We have been working through it. I have a counselor, she has a counselor, we talk to a lot of friends, family,” Angie said.

She also shared she is lucky enough to have a strong support group when he had to introduce her other side to her family. 

“My dad had a hard time, definitely, but even though he had a hard time in the beginning, he was full support in the end. 

“My stepmom was my supporter, my real mom was a supporter, too. My brother was little weirded out with it but came on board and then, we started telling… 

“I just told my cousins a few months before this. But now, there is no need to tell anyone, I don’t need to explain myself anymore.”

Angie’s father Archie King knew about the truth in 2009 and at that time he was already ill and was staying in Germany. At first, Archie had a hard time accepting Angie but he eventually did.

“I took the whole time, I never went home, I took mini breaks and drove around, but when I was there, I had Joey fly in and then that’s when I broke down and told myself I can’t live like this anymore. I’m going nuts like two sides of me, two voices are fighting. You can do this, you can’t do that,” she revealed.

As a child, Angie thought there was something wrong with her because she knew she had another side that has been kept secret for the longest time.

“I wish I had longer hair, I wish I had… And then I already knew in grade 6 or grade 7, that I wanted to be a pretty boy. I was thinking why do I want to be a pretty boy. That’s where it started, and I ignored it. Then came sports, cars, got a baby, got a girl pregnant, and fathered a baby — well, I didn’t father a baby — I “sperm donated” a baby at 16,

“And then after Iñigo (her son), everything has just been crazy — my life just unfolded. We were talking about it, the circles of friends are so tight that when the outside people ask, ‘Ano ba to?’  Everyone around is like, ‘Wala yan!  He’s our brother — back him up!’ Or ‘Yeah we knew all along already.’  I haven’t seen people flinch and people who I haven’t seen in ages are messaging me — I’m getting random messages saying, ‘You guys are awesome!’  It’s surreal,” he remarked.