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Ylona Garcia on Maja Salvador: ‘I look up to her’

Ylona Garcia says Maja Salvador is the artist she looks up to.

Ylona Garcia on Maja Salvador: ‘I look up to her’-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


07/31/2016 08:36 AM
Ylona Garcia on Maja Salvador: ‘I look up to her’

073116-YlonaGarcia2_main.jpgYlona Garcia had her very first digital concert last Friday, July 29, 2016. In an interview with Push.com.ph, the Kapamilya star admitted that she was anxious about her first solo concert but she was thankful to be given such an opportunity.

“I feel very nervous but I’m also very grateful. I mean, I guess the reason I’ve been nervous is because I want to make sure that I make everybody proud, my family proud,” she said.

Ylona admitted that she is still overwhelmed by the number of projects coming her way right after she got out of the Pinoy Big Brother house. “Feeling ko parang di totoo, you know that feeling like something such a big opportunity comes and something you never expected parang feeling ko just wow it’s amazing, thank you God,” she stated.

She shared that her family is truly proud of her achievements. “There’s so surprise but they are really proud. It is such a big step for me but like they always tell me there’s always a stepping stone and this is really a big stepping stone and they are just really proud of how far I have come.”

When asked who she looks up to and who inspires her the most among the artists in showbiz, she replied, “My ate Maja Salvador. She’s like my mommy here in the industry. Yes she’s been in the industry for how long and she still stays really humble and that’s what I love about her and that’ why I look up to her.”

With her team-up with Bailey May earning a large following here in the country, Ylona remarked that she is thankful to have met the young star. “I feel grateful because I never expected having Bailey in my life especially just you know in PBB and you know I never really expected meeting someone like him so very grateful really.”

What does she think is the magic behind their team-up? “Probably because we’re just real with each other, I mean whatever happens is not scripted, everything happens just happens.”

When asked if she wants to build her acting career aside from her singing career, Ylona replied, “I’m interested in acting but I’m not sure if I’m good in acting though. We’ll see.”