Joey Mead-King is now married to a trans woman

In her latest post on Instagram, the model/TV personality is praised by netizens for giving her husband Ian King her unconditional love.



7/3/2016 11:14 AM
Joey Mead-King is now married to a trans woman

070316JoeyMaed_push.jpgModel and TV host Joey Mead-King recently posted on her Instagram account a photo of her swimming with the caption, “Freedom.” 

Close friends of Joey and netizens praised her for revealing her husband Ian King, is now a trans woman and for giving her her unconditional love. Ian is known for being the managing director of Victoria court and a car enthusiast. 

In her new Instagram account, which she created on September 30, 2012, Ian is now using the name Angelina. In the description she wrote, “The truth will set me free. Trans woman. Thank you for all the love and support!” 

Joey also posted this in her IG 3 weeks ago.

The couple got married in 2011.

Main photo credit to hailtothe_queen_ IG