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Iza Calzado recounts meeting David Beckham

The actress says the sports star was very kind and approachable.

Iza Calzado recounts meeting David Beckham-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


07/29/2016 06:35 PM
Iza Calzado recounts meeting David Beckham

Iza Calzado had a fan girl story today on her Instagram, as she shared how she met football star David Beckham.

The actress, who is currently in the US for a vacation, related that she ran into the sports star while purchasing something at a store.

“I just met and had a lovely chat with David Beckham at Erewhon!!!!! I saw a good looking guy by the food section and thought "looks like Beckham" so I smiled at him and he smiled back. Saw him again, exchanged smiles but I wasn't sure but the tattoos should have been a dead giveaway,” she said in her post.

Iza said she could not stop herself from talking to David and she even introduced herself.

“I then proceed to line up to pay. He then puts his basket after me. I said "Sorry but I have to ask, are you David Beckham" and he said "yes, I am." And I was like "oh gosh, I just had to make sure." Then I added "I'm from the Philippines so I'm not really from around here so I had to double check. I'm Iza." Then we shook hands. He told me he was in the PH 9 months ago and I asked if it was for a football thing and he said Unicef sent him there. So I said "oh for Haiyan.. Thank you for doing that." Then I was called up to the cashier and he said "It was lovely to meet you." He was the nicest and even said bye to me as I was leaving and said "It was very nice to meet you." OMG I'm dying!!!!!” she added.

Iza then thanked David for being pleasant and also explained why she didn’t ask for a ‘selfie’ with the star athlete.

“Thank you, David Beckham, for being a lovely human being! I know your are know for your good looks and football skill but for me, your greatest strength is your kindness. I am now a FAN!!!! ?????? P.S. To those asking about taking a selfie.. No, I didn't ask for a photo. I would rather he remember our conversation and that I made him feel more like a human being rather than a piece of public property. Pero Juskoooo, grabe pagpigil ko at Sabay tili pagsakay sa uber!!! ??”

Iza will soon be appearing opposite Bea Alonzo in the new ABS-CBN soap The Second Wife.