Albie Casino admits he would use sex to get what he wants

Albie Casino reveals he receives indecent proposals,

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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07/29/2016 08:40 AM
Albie Casino admits he would use sex to get what he wants

072916-albie_main.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, one of the stars of the upcoming film That Thing Called Tanga Na, Albie Casiño, talked about the hard work it takes to have a fit physique.

Pinaghihirapan ko naman po ‘yun – it’s a process. Sometimes if I have work, I’ll wake up before taping, I’ll go to the gym. OTWOL was very lenient with me. I would ask permission like, ‘can I go to the gym first?’ And they’d let me go to the gym.”

Having said that, host Boy Abunda couldn’t help but ask if the actor has had indecent proposals to which Albie replied, “of course, all the time.” On how he handles it Albie said, “with a grain of salt obviously. Like, di ba I’m going to post that (referring to a screenshot of one of his social network posts). People are going to see it. I can’t react, I can’t control how they’re going to react. They’re going to react how they want.”

When asked if he would ever pose nude, the actor replied, “no, I don’t think so.” Boy then prompted, “even for an art film, for example? Even if the role demands for frontal nudity?”

“Maybe my butt first,” Albie relented.

During the segment Fast Talk, Albie claimed that the sexiest part of his body are his chest and eyes. Asked to choose between sex and chocolates, he chose, “sex.” Lastly he was asked, “yes or no, would you ever use sex to get what you want?” “Yes, obviously,” he revealed.