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  • Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s onscreen chemistry did wonders in ‘How To Be Yours’

REVIEW: ‘How to Be Yours’ puts actors as top priority

Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson’s onscreen chemistry did wonders in ‘How To Be Yours’

REVIEW: ‘How to Be Yours’ puts actors as top priority-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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07/28/2016 10:22 AM
REVIEW: ‘How to Be Yours’ puts actors as top priority

072816-htby_main.jpgGerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo’s chemistry was the ultimate game-changer in How To Be Yours.

Bea and Gerald or BeaRald’s first big screen project under Dan Villegas got the public’s curiosity all fired up even long before the cameras started rolling for it.

At first glance, Anj and Niño’s conflict on whether to choose love or career had a stark similarity to that of Bea and Gerald’s experience six years ago. But, even though the two vehemently pointed out that the movie was not patterned after their story, the audience would have a hard time believing the argument.

That they had a sad past definitely worked to the film’s advantage, especially during the painful confrontation scenes wherein some lines were just “too real”.

While many thought that Gerald’s Always Be My Maybe leading man vibes would dissipate after that film, he was successfully able to bring out the leading man aura that is expected of him complete with dreamy eyes, chiseled abs, and clean shaven look.

Bea, for her part, has really mastered the leading lady acting that demands for her to occasionally break down, act torn, play foolish, and even appear smitten all while looking good for the camera.

Dan Villegas’s director of photography background was another asset of the film. Sure Bea looked gorgeous even during the heavy scenes, but Direk Dan worked wonders by presenting well-textured, well-lit, and well-framed scenes from start to finish.

With a number of successful films under his belt (Always Be My Maybe, Walang Forever, and English Only Please, etc.) it seems that Direk Dan is hell bent on reinventing the traditional Pinoy love scenes that the public grew up watching. Instead of making “sexy with lots of skin” scenes, Direk Dan plays with lighting and the framing whenever he’s shooting the “sensual” steamy moments.

Another good element of the film was its pacing. The first part did not really drag on in building the romance between Anj and Niño. The unfolding of events during the grocery scene was a brilliant idea up to a certain point. However, it could’ve been shortened so that it could make way for other moments between Anj and Niño while leading towards the conflict.

The play on the use of “po” and “opo” among couples to exude cuteness and sweetness might seem annoying for some, but it would definitely hit a chord for those who enjoy baby talking with their partners.

Meanwhile, in a paternal society, How To Be Yours’ role reversal, which showcased a woman chasing her dreams who is ready to leave her man for it was definitely worth commending. To some extent Anj and Niño’s love story, “empowers” the submissive women and “softens” the traditional macho men by presenting an image of a man who is ready to drop everything for his one true love.

In the end, although the script needed a little more additional oomph for the single people to latch on, How To Be Yours shone due to the marriage of good acting, good directing, and even better onscreen chemistry.