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Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson finally discuss their short-lived romance

Bea and Gerald agree that their relationship was like a rollercoaster ride

Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson finally discuss their short-lived romance-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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07/24/2016 03:10 PM
Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson finally discuss their short-lived romance

072416-Bearald_main.jpgFor the first time in six years, former lovers Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo openly talked about their short-lived romance that once angered many of their followers.

Gerald, in an interview with PhilStar Supreme, recalled that their first close encounter happened back in April 2010, during his first time to join the Heartthrobs Tour in the US.

Medyo ‘welcome to adulthood’ ako noong panahong iyon eh. Dala dala ko ’yung ID ko tapos pinapakita ko. Yes! Puwede na akong uminom!” recalled Gerald, who, at that time just turned 21 and was traveling with his longtime crush Bea. 

Bea and Gerald had the chance to chat and get-to-know each other after their friends went home after a night out at an Irish pub in New York. The last two standing seemed to have hit it off right from the get go and their conversation carried on till the wee hours of the morning.

Laking probinsya ako,” Gerald said. “I’m a small-town boy. For me to get along with a movie star, it was surreal and unbelievable.” 

He added, “I fell in love fast and really hard.”

Bea confessed that she also liked Gerald since that moment but decided to keep her feelings unknown especially since she heard the same old “I’ve always had a crush on you” line from him. 

She remembered that it was Gerald’s close friend Sam Milby, who played bridge for the two of them.

Although Gerald was already single at that time, he remains to be part of a bankable love team. So when he made the first moves to woo her, Bea recalled telling him about the 3-month rule.

“Ginaya ko si Basha sa One More Chance,” she said.

But then impatient Gerald decided to break off the deal by sending flowers to Bea’s home.

“I did not even give him my number. So nagulat ako. Eh si Milby, kapitbahay ko 'yun dati,” she shared. “Pinabalik ko ’yung flowers. Tapos sa likod sinulatan ko ng, ‘Hindi ka tumupad sa usapan.’”

After that incident, the two opted to cut their communications, which Gerald described as “Worst three months of my life.”

“I was going through something. I hurt someone. But I was also looking forward to being with someone. Sh*t. Parang, ‘Oh man. Anong nangyayari sa buhay ko?’" he said.

During the exact time when their deal ended, Gerald sent a lengthy message expressing how he feels for Bea. Just when he thought all hope is gone, Bea responded positively and the two became a couple.

Since they are well aware that many opposed their romance, Gerald and Bea kept their romance under the radar.

Pag nag-start kami ng 8 p.m., natatapos kami mag usap may araw na. Pero tuloy pa rin ‘yung usap namin,” Gerald reminisced.

When they go out, they make sure to be strategic about it. 

Mauuna ako. Nandito ako sa tigers, nandun siya sa birds. Pero wala rin! Na-chismis pa rin kami na magkasama kami,” Gerald said.

Bea could only compare their romance to that of rollercoaster in that “’Pag masaya, nasa ulap. Pero pag bagsak, bagsak talaga.”

The clandestine dates eventually got Bea thinking that maybe, Gerald is not too proud of her. She even came to a point when she asked: “Disenteng babae naman ako, bakit ganun?”

As expected the secrecy of their affair did not last too long as news of their rendezvous leaked to the press.

Maraming may ayaw. Maraming nagalit. It was contagious. Even people from ABS,” Gerald said. “I was scared for her. I was scared for me. Pag magkasama kami, okay lang, enjoy kami, I forget everything. Pero once I leave, ayan na naman. Araw araw nasa TV ako or kami. It was really hard.”

While Bea expressed certainty that she wanted to keep their relationship, she felt like she had nothing against the fact that Gerald’s mother approves of his ex-girlfriend.

To this Gerald said, “Sobrang close ako sa nanay ko. Kaya pag pamilya na, pag nanay na, ibang usapan na yan.”

The How to Be Yours actor, however, pointed out that, his mother did not really disapprove of Bea but rather “She just didn’t like the situation.”

Understanding the gravity of the situation, the two opted to make the most out of their last work trip in London as a couple.

Para pagdating dito, wala na talaga,” shared Bea.

Having in mind that they are bound to end their romance, Bea and Gerald sat together on their flight back home.

Nag iiyakan na kami sa eroplano pa lang kasi alam naming tapos na,” she continued.