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Nikka Martinez shares how she reached out to Jennylyn Mercado

Patrick Garcia’s wife admits she had insecurities whenever he would spend time with his and Jennylyn Mercado’s son Jazz before they were married.

Gary Ann Lastrilla

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07/18/2016 03:05 PM
Nikka Martinez shares how she reached out to Jennylyn Mercado

071816-JennylynMercado.jpgActor Patrick Garcia’s wife Nikka Martinez-Garcia shared on her blog how God has helped her move on from her insecurities and reach out to the mother of her husband’s son Jazz, actress Jennylyn Mercado.

In her blog post , 
entitled, A Boy After My Heart dated July 16, Nikka opened up how, at first, she would feel insecure whenever Patrick visits Jazz at Jennylyn’s house.

When Pat and I were just dating; I was young and still a little immature. I was confident in mostly everything except his past. Knowing that he has a son whom he adores with someone he used to love, not to mention, a very good-looking person… brought about the feeling of INSECURITY in me,” she wrote. Saying that although she strongly supports Patrick in visiting his son, she would, “Start creating crazy scenarios in my head, over analyze certain things, look at my watch every now and then,” among others, without him knowing.

Admitting that she would contemplate about whether or not she would tell him about how she feels, Nikka shared that Patrick would sometimes bring her with him she but would back out,  and would choose to stay in the car or outside Jennylyn’s home.

“There would be debates in my head (probably the entire trip to her house) whether I should go down or stay in the car. I just didn’t know my place. I didn’t know how to act. I did not want to make pa-extra. I did not want to be a distraction. I did not want to show disrespect in any kind of way with my presence. I did not want to do anything that may cause him not to see his joy.”

But because she knew how happy Patrick feels whenever he sees his son, she said she would forget her insecurities as it makes her so happy as well.

However, although she got used to this kind of set-up, she admitted feeling bothered again when they got engaged as the thought of being a stepmother lingered. 

“What do I do? What is the “right” feeling for this? How should I be? How should I act? So many questions I just could not seem to answer or even come close to answering. No matter how sanay I was with our routine, this was going to be a little bit different now. I knew that I was not only going to have to learn how to have a relationship with Jazz, my husband’s son, but I would eventually have to have some kind of relationship my fiance’s former girlfriend, the mother of his child,” she wrote, adding that she kept praying about it.


The time came when they were preparing for their wedding, Nikka recalled waking up one morning “extremely bothered” that she was not able to concentrate while praying. That was when she felt the urge to reach out to Jennylyn, “I did not tell ANYONE about this, especially Patrick. I did not want anyone to influence what it was I was feeling. If I were to do this, I wanted to do this according to what God was putting in my heart.”


Contacting Jennylyn through text, Nikka noted entrusting what may happen to God, “I thought to myself, ‘Lord, bahala ka na. You know what’s in my heart. If this is from You, then all will be well. If this is Your plan, then Jen will reply.’ And in less than 5 minutes from the time the message was sent, I got a reply. Take note, we haven’t met. I introduced myself and asked if we can meet to talk. She agreed. Iba talaga ang Panginoon!!!”


Consequently, the two met and talked with Nikka assuring her that she will be a good and supportive “Tita” to Jazz. “It was casual. It was peaceful. It was nice. I knew in my heart that this was definitely God’s plan. God took away all my insecurity and replaced it with genuine admiration. He took away jealousy and replaced it with compassion,” she wrote about the meeting.


She then described how happy Patrick felt upon learning that Jazz will be joining their wedding. Nikka also said, “I have nothing but respect for Jen because she is the mom of Jazz. I know my place in Jazz’s life. I am and always will be his Tita Nikka, who loves and cares for him genuinely.”

Photo credit: Niceprint Photography