Nathan Sykes on the Philippines: 'There's a real love for music out here'

Nathan Sykes returns to the Philippines.

Nathan Sykes on the Philippines: 'There's a real love for music out here'-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


07/16/2016 08:53 AM
Nathan Sykes on the Philippines: 'There's a real love for music out here'

071616-NathanSykes.jpgInternational singer Nathan Sykes is thrilled to be back here in the Philippines to perform again for his Filipino fans.

"I absolutely love it to be back here performing.  It was very special. Basically this is the furthest performance I've done as a solo artist and it was a lovely reaction from everyone and to see people sing my songs it was a very nice performance," he said in an interview during the Smart Music Live event last July 14, 2016.

Nathan also relayed that he will be roaming around the Philippines and visit some sites. "It is absolutely fantastic.  We're going to explore a little bit. It's going to be my first time performing as a solo artist and my first time roaming around.  We're going to have a look around tomorrow and we're going to have a team dinner. We're going to have some local food which I'm really looking forward to."

For Nathan, social media has played an important role for him to reach out to his fans here in the Philippines.

"[I use social media] to be able to let people know what you are doing and to keep them up to date with everything going on. I love to keep interacting with people because it has been such a year since I released an album since the band was on a break so without social media I might have not been able to contact with all the fans here and the Philippines and let them know what's going about the album and all of that so it's important and it's a whole new world of interacting with fans, with artists in ways that we never do before."

Nathan remarked that he could really sense the passion in music here in the Philippines.

"You know what [Filipino fans] are very passionate about music which is lovely and it's music-driven and there's a real love for music out here which I adore and I think everyone should be like that.  And I think there's a really high standard of music appreciation out here," he stated.