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Sofia Andres clarifies real score with Diego Loyzaga

Sofia Andres also explains what their term of endearment ‘bub’ means.

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


07/14/2016 09:34 AM
Sofia Andres clarifies real score with Diego Loyzaga

071416-sofia_main.jpgAfter stirring their social media followers known as SofIego due to their recent posts, Sofia Andres finally took the time to clarify if things have leveled up between her and Diego Loyzaga.

The two have previously admitted to being just friends in previous reports. However, in an interview with Sofia at the YES! 100’s Most Beautiful Stars 2016 event, she bluntly addressed all the questions about their posts.

Sofia started by admitting that she and Diego are indeed “going out” for these past few days but she was quick to add that it was nothing but mere “bonding” for them.

“Hindi siya dating we like each other’s company and we have a serye that is near,” she said.

Sofia added, “Basta I just like to be with him parang siya ang tina-trust ko now sa mga boys because I’m not really mabarkada, few friends lang.”

But recently, Diego posted a photo of her on his Instagram account with the caption “Ang diyosa ng buhay ko.

Although she did not exactly single out this post, Sofia shared that what Diego has been posting lately is also shocking her.

Nagulat rin ako eh kasi nagpopost siya sasabihin ko ‘Why did you post that picture?’ Sabi niya, ‘I just want to.’ Thank for the support and love, sana mag-stay sila.”

The young actress also added that she is well aware that a good number of netizens are “shipping” or rooting for their tandem to blossom into something else in the future.

What further caused their fans excitement was when Diego called her “bub” in a few of his tweets recently.

“Okay I’ll be honest makikita niyo rin ‘yun eh. [Bub means] special someone,” she said.

Is he courting her?

No naman, wala pang formality eh,” she said.

Sofia likewise added that they have not gotten to the point when they have exchanged “I love yous” but she did not deny that they do say “I miss you” to each other.