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Xian Lim steps out of his ‘comfort zone’ for debut concert

Xian Lim is well aware that some critics would react negatively to his concert.

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


07/01/2016 11:04 AM
Xian Lim steps out of his ‘comfort zone’ for debut concert
070116-xian_main.jpgFor Xian Lim, his upcoming first major concert titled A Date with Xian is a step out from his comfort zone.

“I’ve stayed out of the comfort zone. Ayoko na talaga na makita nila ‘yung dati na usually na nakikita nila. I want this to be personal kaya A Date with Xian rin ang title ko,” said Xian in an interview with the press on Thursday evening.

Although he has appeared in a number of concerts and has been part of various tours in and outside of the Philippines along with other stars, his upcoming concert is really the first time that he would be staging a solo show.

“Hindi pa kasi nila ako nakita mag-perform onstage. Usually kapag nakikita nila ako isang number lang kasama ng ibang artists,” he said. This time, Xian noted “‘Yung buong show eh nandoon ako and involved ako sa buong show.”

According to Xian, he has been especially hands-on with the mounting of his show. He even handpicked his guests which include Richard Poon, Morissette, Abra, Dawn Chang, and his perennial love team partner Kim Chiu.

Despite touring and doing shows together for a while now, Xian assured fans that he and Kim would be showcasing something new in the show.

“Expect niyo na lang na ‘yung mga itini-tweet niyo sa amin na ‘Sana ito ang gawin nila.’ Hindi pa namin ito nagagawa na kami lang. Never kaming nagsama sa ganitong prod,” he said playfully so as not to reveal his concert repertoire.

Xian is very much grateful for the opportunity to thank his fans via a concert. But Xian is also well aware that certain people would criticize him for even attempting to come up with a show.

“Well tanggap ko naman na I’m not the best singer out there but may nakita akong quote and i-share ko nga ito sa ibang artists. Sabi ng quote ‘You can be the sweetest peach but there’s always gonna be someone that hates peach,’” he said.

Xian said he has come to accept this and just gloss over all the bashing that he gets whenever he tries a new endeavor.

Katulad nga ng lagi kong sinsabi, mas gusto ko nga na nandyan sila eh para alam ko what to work on. Kasi kapag wala na sila kampante nalang ako. Maganda ‘yung nasasaktan, it makes me stronger,” he said.

After the concert, Xian says that he would be working on his third album and another movie with Kim.

Inaayos lang nila ang list of songs. I requested more OPM and some originals of course,” he said about his new album.

Catch A Date With Xian on July 9 at the KIA Theater.