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Ryan Agoncillo on being a father of three: ‘Iba na yung experience talaga’

Ryan Agoncillo shares how parenthood has changed him and wife Judy Ann Santos.

Ryan Agoncillo on being a father of three: ‘Iba na yung experience talaga’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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07/01/2016 10:55 AM
Ryan Agoncillo on being a father of three: ‘Iba na yung experience talaga’
070116-ryan_main.jpgAt 37 years old, Ryan Agoncillo admitted that juggling his busy lifestyle as a daily noontime TV host, father, husband, and triathlete has become a challenge. "In my mid-20s, they started putting me on different vitamins already para lumakas and I’ve been a triathlete for the past three years. And when you train as a triathlete, you’re prone to many imbalances. Not just muscular imbalances but nerve imbalance. So for optimum performance they needed to put me on on vitamin B1, 6 and 12. So eksakto I’ve been taking Neurobion for a long time na pala,” he shares at the Neurobion Helping True Heroes presscon held last June 27 in Serendra, Taguig city.

An avid motorcyclist, Ryan said he wants to keep himself safe and healthy for the sake of his kids. "I’m sure naramdaman niyo na rin yung after a long day sa saddle ng motorsiklo, because I commute to work on a motorcycle. Alam mo yung the tingling sensations on the sides of your palm and your feet? That’s the start. It’s a nerve thing. Kaya ako nag-te-take ng supplement kasi you don’t want that excuse para hindi mo makasama yung mga anak mo. So as healthy as you can be sa muscles and bones even the nerves you got to take care of first,” he said.

Despite his nerve issues, Ryan says it has not discouraged him from going for long drives on his motorcycle. "No, not at all. Even when I drive my cab in Cash Cab it does that too. Kahit magmaneho pa ako whole day on a road trip it happens also. That’s the most common times ko na nararamdaman. I guess anything you do that exposes you to an activity for a prolonged time, you’re bound to experience some of the symptoms. I’m a little older now but not that old but it’s been a long time that I’ve been experiencing these symptoms,” he added.

With his wife Judy Ann Santos giving birth to their third child Luna last January, Ryan revealed how parenthood is different for them now. "Iba na yung experience talaga kasi when Yohan was growing up, we were such a young couple and siya yung unang napag-practice-san (laughs) so by the time Lucho came around it was a different experience and now again with Luna iba na naman. It also helps that we’re a lot older, a lot more mature. We don’t get easily surprised as when Yohan was growing up. It also helps that Lucho and Yohan are ready to be ate and kuya so we can concentrate on raising our bunso very well,” he explained.

Being seen daily on TV is also not a problem for Ryan when it comes to spending time with his family. "Since we got married, ako siyempre gusto ko to provide for my family. But it was also a conscious effort na hindi naman limitahan pero piliin ba yung sitwasyon o yung mga trabaho na papasukan ko. When I got married, the same year I joined Eat Bulaga because they presented to me a very favorable schedule. Monday to Saturday it’s basically just half day of work and then I can do more work after or more work before. But also on days when I choose to spend more time with my kids, my schedule now affords me to really be a father. I wake up at the break of dawn and then I try as much as possible to be home by sunset. I’m happy that our kids grew up knowing that they could expect us at the dinner table or the next day they could talk to us at the breakfast table, ganun lang. So yun yung mga adjustments namin as parents. With Luna the adjustments continue as we go along,” he said.