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Claudine Barretto defends mom from bashers

The Barretto family slams bashers for criticizing matriarch’s Instagram post.

Claudine Barretto defends mom from bashers-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


06/09/2016 12:13 PM
Claudine Barretto defends mom from bashers

Hindi pinalagpas ng pamilya Barretto ang bashers na may usernames na “gretch1717” at “jarmanzano” sa Instagram. Nag-post ang Barretto matriarch na si Estrella sa Instagram ng picture ni Leon, anak ni Marjorie Barretto kay Dennis Padilla at saka nilagyan ng “My true favorite apo” sa caption.

Umalma sina “gretch1717” at “jarmanzano” at sinabing hindi daw ito fair sa iba pa niyang mga apo.

Di naman ito pinalagpas ng ina ni Marjorie at saka binuweltahan ang dalawa.
“@gretch1717- in answer to your stupid opinion—and to enlighten your dark mind—is a child of yours, one of my Apos? Because if she/ He is-- she shall be one treated as a favorite like all the rest-- my grandchildren each has a game of claiming to be the Favorite- - none of your nauseous business -Or are you griping and envious that You Are Not in the List? Tsk tsk you must be UNLOVED-- sorry look for a loving grandmother-- who might not like you because Hou are the one Unjust and Unfair—hahaha,

“And how do you know I have many Apos? I think I know who you are-- FYI I have 19 grandchildren -and 5 great grandchildren all favorite and LOVED- saan ka dito?

“You talk about decency and delicadeza? If you have some you will not meddle and presume that anyone gets hurt here - ikaw lang ang EXCLUDED dito
“@ ikaw naman jarmanzano- you must be one and the same gretch1717-- what do you mean ' how you turned out to be is how well one is raised by the parents-- and Now you see? What? Me I see that you are not raised well-- you must have left home to run after men-- indi ka naturuan-- I know who you are- careful,” komento niya.

Muli naman siyang sinagot ng basher.

Ipinaliwanag naman ng isa sa mga apo ni Estrella na katuwaan lamang sa kanilang pamilya ang i-hack ang account ng kanilang lola at saka ilalagay na sila ang favorite na apo.


Sumagot na rin sa comments si Claudine Barretto at sinabihan ang basher na bastos at walang delicadeza.

“Pinapatulan mo ang 79years old? Kapal mo, BASTOS. Indecent walang delicadeza. EVIL! You are not to hurt my Parents ever again. Like you said My Mom is OLD yet you bash hee like your perfect. Sabagay my Mom is really old and has Lupus but @ 79 di pa yan nagpapa BOTOX!

“Leave our family alone. Pray hard maiksi ang buhay God Bless your Soul. Oh SORRY I forgot your soul doesn't belong to God. It's with the Devil. 
“In Hell were you truly belong,” komento ng Optimum Star na may kasamang hashtag na “#Donotmesswithmymom.”

My true favorite apo

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* All quotes from Instagram are posted as is.