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Cedric Lee denies detaining his daughter Ceana

Cedric Lee says their daughter wasn’t traumatized when they were together.

Joan Leary


06/08/2016 04:03 PM
Cedric Lee denies detaining his daughter Ceana
060816-cedriclee_PUSH.jpgBusinessman Cedric Lee vehemently denied the claims of his ex-girlfriend Vina Morales. The actress filed a complaint against Cedric for ‘forcibly detaining’ their daughter Ceana for nine days while she was on vacation in Switzerland.

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“It is also not in my nature to say negative things about the mother of my child to protect my child's reputation. I, however, find her statements damaging,” Cedric said in a statement sent to PEP.

Vina also said Cedric failed to follow the court approved visitation agreement. Cedric is only allowed to visit Ceana on Saturdays but he explained this was not always followed by his ex. 

“There was a signed agreement between us regarding visitation, holidays and spending a few nights with me during summer holidays. This was agreed upon in 2013.

“There has been violations the court has recorded regarding times when I wasn't able to see my daughter. Prior to me spending time with Ceana, the court has noted that Vina owes me 10 days,” Cedric stated.

Cedric also claimed that their daughter was not traumatized when they were together and that his lawyers were in constant communication with Vina’s lawyer and family.

“They knew when I was going to take my daughter home… My daughter is not aware of the court case we have. This may have traumatized her as she did not know what was going on,

“I have never bullied Vina and have gone through the right avenue. I believe my child has a right to have both her father and mother in her life. I did not say anything in media when I was not able to see my daughter for a year.”

Vina and Cedric are set to attend a hearing at the San Juan Prosecutor’s Office.