Is Charice bothered by being likened to Sandro Marcos?

Charice doesn’t mind being addresses as Sir or Ma’am

Is Charice bothered by being likened to Sandro Marcos?-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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06/04/2016 09:53 AM
Is Charice bothered by being likened to Sandro Marcos?
060416-charice_main.jpgA day after the online release of Charice’s groundbreaking cover for men’s fashion magazine Mega Man, a number of netizens have already pointed out who he looks like.

Some netizens apparently thought that Charice looks like the son of vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos, Sandro.

In the past, the “Pyramid” singer was likened to Teen King Daniel Padilla.

To this, Charice, at the launch of his Mega Man cover said, “I'm not bothered at all, actually I'm afraid na it bothers them.”

According to Charice, he recently went to Vigan for a vacation and visited former President Ferdinand Marcos’s mausoleum and he realized that they do look a like.

“So when I saw all these comments about Sandro [parang] sabi ko nga I don’t mind,” he said. 

“I don’t care kasi alam naman natin ang mga Pinoy eh, the first thing that they’re going to do is compare you to someone kung sino ang kamukha mo so expected na ‘yun,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Charice is very proud to have been tapped as the first lesbian cover of the men’s fashion magazine.

“Finally, it's a big step and it's actually a big achievement for me. Kasi feeling ko it's a celebration not only for LGBT community but for everybody. This is a big change. A good change,” he explained.

Although it might seem that he was sending a message for gracing the cover, Charice clarified that he did it simply because he can and because “I'm a free person.”
What does his family have to say about it?

Siyempre, no matter what, they know eventually I would end up sa something like that. As for, Alyssa she's very happy, she was very happy and we were surprised and of course proud,” he said.

With June being celebrated in the country as the LGBTQ’s Pride Month, Charice’s camp shared that they have a lot of activities lined up for him. This includes his attendance at the Mega Pride Ball on June 12 and the release of his latest studio album titled Catharsis on June 13.

What’s more is that, Team Charice member Thons Edano shared that the singer has been invited to grace the pride marches in London and Canada.