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EXCLUSIVE: Basti Artadi returns onstage in ‘American Idiot the musical’

Wolfgang vocalist Basti Artadi shares why he never joined showbiz.

EXCLUSIVE: Basti Artadi returns onstage in ‘American Idiot the musical’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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06/03/2016 09:09 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Basti Artadi returns onstage in ‘American Idiot the musical’
060316-BastiAtardi_PUSH.jpgAs a member of Wolfgang, one of the most iconic Pinoy rock bands in the ‘90s, singer Basti Artadi said he will never stop making music even after he left the band. "Yeah there’s a lot happening in music with me this year man. I got some solo stuff that I’m working on. Not that I’m going solo you know. I’m working on a project called Plan of Fools. Anything goes so sky’s the limit,” he said.

Considered as one of the country’s living rock icons, Basti admits he will never get used to being referred to as one. "I don’t know about that. I don’t know. I guess I just take it all with a grain of salt. Or sugar. I don’t know, however,” he told Push.com.ph

As one of the lead stars in the local adaptation of American band Green Day’s rock opera American Idiot, Basti said will show a different side of himself. "Well there definitely will be that energy although this time I’m trying to be a character so to speak so I can’t be myself. I’m going to have to try and show what that character represents basically. My acting skills will be on display this time,” he explains.

Basti said that theatergoers will be in for a treat in this musical which also includes Jason Fernandez from The Voice. "I think they’re going to be blown away. The music alone without seeing the visuals, I’m just listening to the music and I can say there is so much there to take away from it. Now you add on the visuals, you add on the acting, you add on the performances of these guys, I think you’ll be talking about it for months after you watch the show,” he said.

Even though he admitted to not having an extensive theater background, Basti said he really enjoys performing on stage. “Growing up it was just the usual watching repertory as a kid. I never really did it. My biggest experience with theater was with Jesus Christ Superstar which was 15 years ago. There wasn’t really anything that interested me super duper that i wanted to do. And then American Idiot came along and this was right up my alley so I said yes,” he explained.

Now that he is back on stage, the talented performer said he is open to joining more productions in the future as well. "Well this year I made it a point to say that I would open myself to whatever. With regards to doing more of this I’m not sure. I can’t say right now. I guess it depends on the project,” he added.

Even though his voice and mestizo looks made him recognizable to any fan of Pinoy rock, Basti admitted he was never interested in joining showbiz. "I don’t know. I guess I just always imagined myself as a musician first you know and I still do. This is just an extension of that. It just so happens that there’s a little more movement, a little more I wouldn’t say acting but emotions with my character. It’s just showing emotion,” he shared.

Green Day’s American Idiot the musical will have shows from June 24 to July 9, 2016. Tickets are available at Ticketworld at 8919999 or log on to www.ticketworld.com.ph