WATCH: Nikki Gil and BJ Albert’s heartwarming wedding video

WATCH: Nikki Gil and BJ Albert’s heartwarming wedding video-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


06/27/2016 05:20 PM
WATCH: Nikki Gil and BJ Albert’s heartwarming wedding video

Nikki Gil proudly shared her much-awaited wedding video made by Jason Magbanua on her blog  today, June 27. 

The video highlighted the candid and touching moments of their union last November at the Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club in Laguna.
Nikki narrated in the video what her first impression was of BJ. 

“At first I liked you because you were tall and cute, and you smelled good. You dressed well, you’re polite and you’re very intelligent. And then I started liking you for being warm and light at the same time generous and positive.” 

BJ on the other hand shared what he looked for in a lifetime partner and said God knew what he needed even before he met Nikki. 
“God gave me exactly what I needed, someone who puts Him first and reminds me to do the same. Someone that loves her family.

 Someone wise. Someone who I know will raise good children. Someone who knows my faults and loves me just the same. I can’t believe He had all these planned out, even before the first time I laid my eyes upon you in school, when I was too torpe to go up to you and introduce myself,” he said during their exchange of vows. 

In her blog Nikki said that she hopes to inspire others in their search for “The One.” 

“I hope this leaves you believing that God indeed makes all things beautiful in His time,” the singer posted.