Five rocking moments at Darren Espanto’s ‘D Total Performance’

Darren Espanto unleashed his rocker side during the concert

Five rocking moments at Darren Espanto’s ‘D Total Performance’-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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06/27/2016 01:31 AM
Five rocking moments at Darren Espanto’s ‘D Total Performance’

More than a year since his first major concert, Darren Espanto has once again wowed his legions of fans in his intimate, sold out concert titled D Total Experience at the KIA Theater on June 25.

Keeping his promise of "offering something new" on his second major concert, Darren brought in guests who are dear to his heart yet who had something fresh to put on the table. 

Even though Darren sang some of his traditional covers and hit songs, he also included several new performances that prove him worthy of being called "D Total Performer."

It was a little difficult choosing which parts of the concert were the best, PUSH presents below the five rocking moments that Darren can be most proud of.

1. The Darrenatics’ fan tribute
It's no secret that Darren is one of the young stars today with a very loyal fan base. During his show, where hordes of his fans screamed their hearts out in all his performances, Darren made sure to give back a little something for them.

During this part of the show, the screams were replaced with quiet amazement and some sighs of awe as the young heartthrob performed with an AVP of his moments with his fans, not only in Metro Manila but around the Philippines and abroad, playing in the background. 

2. Darren’s Michael Jackson dance medley
Although it wasn't the first time that Darren performed such a number, it still made this list simply because of its ‘perfection.’ The moonwalk and the closing dance moves made us think he just might be the “Young Michael Jackson of the Philippines."

3. Darren’s duet with Maja Salvador 
People expected Maja Salvador to do a dance number with Darren Espanto as she is known to be this generation’s “Dance Princess.” 

However, after a few dance steps, the crowd was taken aback when Maja began singing Darren’s hit song “7 Minutes” and Darren sang Maja’s first single “Dahan-Dahan.” 

4. Darren and Jed Madela’s showdown
Darren has been very vocal even in past interviews that Jed was among his vocal mentors in the business. Jed, for his part, has always been proud in claiming that he is a Darrenatic.

While Jed was only part of the audience during Darren's first concert, this year, the two had a vocal showdown, singing Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano hits, that had everyone giving them a standing ovation. 

5. Darren transforms from a pop star to a rock star
Almost three years in the business and Darren has been known for being a reliable pop and ballad singer. But Darren proved that he can also excellently conquer other music genres. 

Darren did a medley of all-time favorite rock songs including Guns and Roses’ "Sweet Child of Mine." According to Darren, he owes his rock singing skill to a video game called Rockband, which he used to enjoy some years back.