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Daniel Matsunaga admits he already has a marriage proposal plan

Daniel Matsunaga talks about why he loves working with his real life love everyday.

Daniel Matsunaga admits he already has a marriage proposal plan-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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06/24/2016 09:52 AM
Daniel Matsunaga admits he already has a marriage proposal plan
062416-daniel_main.jpgWith his series Be My Lady going well on daytime TV, Daniel Matsunaga said he is having a really good year. "I’m really happy. Sobrang blessed kami extended kami dahil sa mga fans namin. It’s been more than ten months of taping the show and six months na lumabas sa TV so it’s getting better and better. Our ratings are getting higher and super nakakatuwa kasi the show itself shows that the OFWs they get inspired, they miss the country dahil sa show. Madaming magandang comments about the show. That it’s very positive and very light,” he shares during the Live the Nova Life event held last June 22 in Makati city. 

With his older sister Vanessa Matsunaga now a mom, Daniel admitted he is not yet ready to become a parent himself. "Well I’m very, very happy to be a tito for the first time. Hindi inggit siyempre kasi kapatid ko yan. I’m not planning to have a kid yet. Siyempre work muna, ipon muna di ba?” he said.

Daniel said his family has a new restaurant business which just opened this month with his mom sharing some of their home-style recipes on the menu. "I opened a new restaurant in BGC called Naxional Diner. Malapit siya sa Valkyrie. So sobrang masarap yung food dun. South American pero merong mga Brazilian din. Erich is not included in this pero she’s always there with me always eating. My mom is always there teaching some of the recipes and sobrang masarap. It’s my business with my sister and family and my brother-in-law. We have a few partners but it’s like a family business,” he added.

Scheduled to go to Singapore with Erich to shoot for Be My Lady, Daniel says their schedule is a bit hectic this month. “We are taping talaga almost everyday. Kasi wala kaming pondo ngayon so hand to mouth yun. So we’re taping five times a week so minsan we really have to stay in Pampanga pa,” he explained.

Having been in a relationship with his leading lady for more than a year, Daniel said he will never get tired of being with her everyday on the set. "The best thing is we get to spend time together so yun ang pinaka-importante kasi we are in a real relationship and at the same time we’re working together. We have more time for each other and we get to spend time. I think that’s the most important thing. Well we are much stronger ngayon I can say and we get to spend so much time together and to learn with other, adjust to each other. Some people say there is a lot of difference between our cultures di ba Brazil and Philippines but I guess wala kasi ano Pilipino na ako. I’m already more than seven years here. We spend a lot of time together, we’re getting stronger. We’re always trying to be very positive in life,” he shared.

The new Nova ambassador admitted he already knows what kind of marriage proposal he plans to make in the future for Erich. "May plano ako pero for now work muna talaga and let’s see you know. In God’s time. Wala akong deadline. Ako I really believe that God has the right time. He’s giving us so many opportunities and blessings and now we are taking that opportunity as we can. I won’t say that we don’t have arguments or whatever tampo. In every relationship meron naman and the way we solve problems is just by talking. It’s very important to trust each other, support each other and just talk and fix things before it gets bad. Cut it form the roots. We are very open. We talk a lot and masaya kami,” he said.
Even at 27 years old, the Brapanese actor said he is still trying to save up for himself and his future family. "Well not really bongga (yung ipon) kasi we’re working really hard for it and well in Jesus name you know things will hopefully get better and better. As of now marami akong blessings, may bagong endorsement na Nova and tuloy tuloy yung mga hard work so that’s it,” he admitted.