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EXCLUSIVE: JK Labajo explains why he hasn’t staged a concert yet

JK Labajo brushed off continuing comparisons between him and Darren Espanto.


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6/23/2016 9:29 AM
EXCLUSIVE: JK Labajo explains why he hasn’t staged a concert yet

062316-jk_main.jpgThe Voice Next Door member JK Labajo is in no rush to stage his own concert.

JK finished as part of The Voice Kids season 1’s Top 4 in 2014. JK was able to release his debut album titled JK only last year.

In an exclusive interview with JK, he said that a concert was an altogether different matter.

“I’m not really ready for a concert. Personally I don’t want to push myself that hard. I don’t feel good much about myself,” he started.

The We Love OPM participant further admitted “I don’t want to try having a concert in bigger places and bigger venues. I just want to start from small to like palaki ng palaki. I’m just going to gain my confidence.”

His The Voice Kids batch mate Darren Espanto, meanwhile, is set to stage another concert this weekend. Although the singing competition has long been over, some netizens are continuously pitting the two young singers against each other until this day.

To this, JK said, “That’s their problem not mine, actually. I’ve technically known Darren more than them. Wala pa si Darren sa The Voice Kids parang magkakilala na kami. I treat him as my brother from the very beginning, from the very first day of The Voice season 1.”

JK added that he never really looked at Darren as competition despite the division between their fans.

“I don’t really care about it. Kasi I don’t really want to get myself stressed with not really important things because it makes you more stressful and it gets you out of focus of what you are doing,” he explained.

For JK, certain people should come to accept that he and Darren offer different flavors of music.

“For me, we have our own planet. We have our own thing. He has his very high voice and I have my very low voice,” he pointed out.

“You can live life without hating,” JK added.

JK’s fans who want to see him can see him at different events.

“Maybe they are planning for some TV going on, maybe. But I’m just getting myself busy with We Love OPM and some album tours and album mall shows,” he ended.