Is Sunshine Dizon’s marriage in trouble?

Is Sunshine Dizon’s marriage in trouble?-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


06/19/2016 11:59 AM
Is Sunshine Dizon’s marriage in trouble?


Actress Sunshine Dizon unexpectedly dropped a bomb on her Instagram account. Sunshine posted a photo of a handwritten note from a certain Clarissa Sison that was allegedly for her husband Timothy Tan.

The note read, “When I tell you I love you, I don’t say it out of habit. I say to remind you that you’re one of the best things that ever happened.”

She also posted a photo of Clarissa and wrote, “Oh and by the way, how was it like to live so near me? Exactly 3 floors up in the same building were my children and i live. And did you also enjoyed your U.S trip recently? So excited to hear all about it, im pretty sure your husband will be so happy also. I do hope its all worth it. [Sic]

After revealing Clarissa’s face, Sunshine posted a series of quotes about people “who are heartless.” 

Sunshine said she gets her strength from her two kids Anton and Doreen. “At the end of the day I will always have you two, and it will all be worth it. Keep your heads up, Mama will protect you. Keep your heads up and have pride knowing you will always be loved,” she wrote. 

Sunshine posted more cryptic messages. 

Sunshine and Timothy have been married for six years.

Main photo credit to shinedizontan IG