Sue Ramirez on having a relationship with Ronnie Alonte: ‘Na Kay R2 po yan’

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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06/15/2016 08:30 AM
Sue Ramirez on having a relationship with Ronnie Alonte: ‘Na Kay R2 po yan’
061516-sue_main.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, Sue Ramirez detailed how her love team with Hashtag’s Ronnie Alonte started. She said the love team SueNie started on social media even before they actually met in person. “It came as a surprise to everyone po ha, kasi I don't know him and I don't think he knows me whenever we got to meet each other. Pero nakikita ko na tinatag kami ng mga fans sa social media.”

So when did Sue finally met Ronnie? Sue said, “we had an endorsement shoot together that's the first time we saw each other. That’s the first time we met, love team na kami nun on social media.” Sue said it was “awkward” meeting that way and that’s why, “sabi ko, uy love team daw tayo ‘di ba?” 

Sue said that started their friendship. “We made an effort for the fans to be friends. We hang out every once in a while para may kakiligan naman sila. Tinatry naman namin yung best namin to work on our relationship as friends para pag nagka-work na kami together, sana mabigyan ng project, okay na kami.”  

Sue said she calls Ronnie “chicken legs” because “mas mapayat pa po yung legs niya sa akin.” Ronnie has been quoted to have said that Sue is girlfriend material. Asked to comment on this, Sue just said, “thank you.”

Asked by the host Boy Abunda, “what if your fans would demand that you be together?”  Sue answered, “na kay R2 po yan. Let’s not close any doors, pero happy naman kami ngayon na magkaibigan lang kami.” 

Sue thanked fans for “SueNie” and making the SueNie love team trend every day for weeks, even a month.