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EXCLUSIVE Arjo Atayde denies courting Jane Oineza

Arjo Atayde shares the reason his personal life has taken a backseat.

EXCLUSIVE Arjo Atayde denies courting Jane Oineza-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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06/15/2016 09:19 AM
EXCLUSIVE Arjo Atayde denies courting Jane Oineza
061516-arjo_main.jpgArjo Atayde admitted he feels blessed to be part of the action-packed series Ang Probinsyano. "Well medyo matagal tagal pa so madami dami pang guests ang papasok so we’re working on stories that people can relate to like the youth. We want to have realistic and relatable scenarios and problems,” he told Push.com.ph.

The 25-year-old actor said that the cast and crew of the show all pitch in their ideas to help make each episode exciting to watch. “We have freedom naman to suggest. But of course I respect the writers and our director on what they want. But in case I want to try to give a little bit of color to a scene or the script, I try to suggest naman but not naman all the time of course,” he admits. 

Although it was initially reported that he was already courting fellow Star Magic artist Jane Oineza, Arjo clarified the real score between the two of them. 

"No naman, there’s no courting from the start naman eh. People kasi are saying it’s courting. I think getting to know is different from courting. Once in a while we get to talk to each other. But more than that, wala pa naman. I just don’t want to jump into conclusions and all that stuff so relax muna for now. We’re friends naman,” he explained.

The mestizo actor said he and Jane are happy just being friends. “We’re friends actually for now. Kasi honestly speaking our schedules are busy kasi di ba she has a movie and an upcoming show so she has two projects right now and I have Ang Probinsyano and we tape everyday so wala talagang oras but we’re in touch naman once in a while,” he shares. 
Arjo revealed that based on his kontrabida roles, people have pegged him as a serious person. "People don’t know that I’m makulit. They know me as a serious person so they won’t really see me as like that. I just look serious but I’m not (laughs),” he said.

Despite not having time for a personal life, Arjo said he is still interested in getting to know Jane more in the future. "Well if there’s time. That’s the only thing for now kasi even Sundays they get us for other things. We have other things to do as well so wala talagang time,” he added.