Cedric Lee plans to sue Vina Morales for libel

Cedric Lee denies Vina Morales’ claims that he detained their daughter and caused her trauma.



6/10/2016 9:06 PM
Cedric Lee plans to sue Vina Morales for libel

061016-VinaCedric_PUSH.jpgAfter their hearing at the San Juan Prosecutor’s Office last June 8, Cedric Lee denied Vina Morales’ new claims against him. In an interview with PEP,he clarified that Vina didn’t file a case against him.

“Just to clarify things, Vina did not file a new case against me but simply filed a motion to cease my visitation rights due to the alleged trauma Ceana experienced whilst she was spending time with me,” he said.

In an interview with Tonight with Boy Abunda, the singer-actress stressed that their daughter Ceana was traumatized because she was detained by her father.

 “Affected yung anak ko kasi in the middle of the night gigising, umiiyak,” she told TWBA

Cedric denied Vina’s allegations and added that he’s about to file six libel cases against his ex-girlfriend.

“I will be filing six libel cases against Vina next week for things she has been saying about me publicly that are untrue. Her allegations about me bullying her can easily be debunked by court documents with evidence of screen shots of her text messages to my lawyer. My lawyer has been liaising with Vina for three years now,

“It is true that Vina called Ceana the time she was with me.

“As you could see from my response to the motion she filed, it was Vina who threatened our daughter that if she didn't go home, she would get punished,

“The new yaya was witness to this. This caused my daughter to shake and cry. I banned Vina's calls to shield Ceana from Vina's tantrums as I did not want it to affect our time together,” he said.

Cedric also added that he won’t talk about Vina anymore for it might damage her reputation.

“I believe I have explained myself enough after I released my first statement regarding detention of my daughter those 8 days. 

“Any thinking person would discern who is speaking the Truth here. I will not go down to her level and divulge things that may damage her reputation. I will simply pursue the legal avenue as I have been doing the past years.”