EXCLUSIVE: Krystal Brimner reveals she is being considered for the role of young Darna

Krystal Brimner now stars in ‘Annie the Musical.’

EXCLUSIVE: Krystal Brimner reveals she is being considered for the role of young Darna-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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06/01/2016 09:29 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Krystal Brimner reveals she is being considered for the role of young Darna
060116-KrystalBrimner_PUSH.jpgAfter winning the Best Child Actor award at the Metro Manila Film Fest for the film Honor Thy Father, Krystal Brimner takes on another challenge as she plays the lead role in Annie the Musical which is set to open this September. Krystal bested more than 400 girls who auditioned for the role (which she will play alternately with the other lead Isabeli Elizalde).

"It was very hard because there were so many kids. I was a little bit nervous when I went in the room. Then they told me to sing songs (from the musical), and they were ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life’ and ‘Maybe.’ The auditions were very fun because sometimes my mom would be scared and sometimes she would be happy,” she shared during the Annie presscon held last May 31 at the Newport Performing Arts theater in Resorts World Manila.

Prior to starring in Honor Thy Father, Krystal was also a singing champion of various competitions as well as a commercial and print model. The nine-year-old half-Scottish, half Filipino performer was also a member of the 2nd i-Shine Talent Camp as well as a G-Force Kids scholar. “I think I started singing when I was like two years old. I really love singing. I like Yeng Constantino. I love her songs especially ‘Ikaw’ and ‘Salamat.’ I was super, super happy when I got the part! Yung reaction na parang open mouth (laughs). I’m more confident after the movie because tito John Lloyd (Cruz) gave me some tips and tricks and it helped me to improve,” she admitted.

As she prepares for her big stage debut this September, Krystal said it is very different from shooting a film. "It’s different. In theater, it’s harder because they gave us the booklet which is the whole script and it’s huge! It’s bigger than the movie script and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh do I have to practice all of these lines?’ It’s just so many. It’s different because in (making) movies, Direk always says, “cut!’ while in this stage play, it’s all straight—there’s no stopping, it’s all going to flow straight,” she added.

Just like her new role as an orphan who grows up in an orphanage who dreams of finding her own family someday, Krystal said she can relate to her character’s spunky personality. "I am actually a little bit naughty (laughs). Because I learn it from my sisters because sometimes they’re really mean but I forgive them. I have twin sisters Angela and Angelica and I’m the youngest. But Annie is also very positive—which is me. I always like being positive and Annie is nice, she cares, and she’s careful,” she explained.

Another big project Krystal is very excited about is the prospect of playing the role of the young Darna in the much anticipated fantasy series on ABS-CBN. "Let’s hope that I get Darna. Because they told me that I was going to be like little Darna and I’m still hoping that I get it. It is not yet sure but I’m hoping that I get it because the one who told me that I might get the role was also from Honor Thy Father. Sometimes I actually watch Darna because it’s really nice and she’s a superhero. It would make me so happy to play the young Darna,” she said.

Annie opens on September 30, 2016 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts world Manila featuring Krystal Brimner and Isabeli Araneta Elizalde, with Michael De Mesa, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, Jill Peña, Red Concepcion, and Mako Alonso. Directed by Michael Williams. For more details, visit www.rwmanila.com or call the Tourist/Visitor Hotline at (632) 908-8833.