Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Marilen Faustino give empowering advice for struggling mothers

Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Marilen Faustino give empowering advice for struggling mothers-Gary Ann  Lastrilla
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06/01/2016 09:22 AM
Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Marilen Faustino give empowering advice for struggling mothers
060116-CheskaGarcia_PUSH.jpgTwo of the three founders of 100% Whole Mom namely celebrity Cheska Garcia-Kramer and interior stylist Marilen Faustino gave advice to help empower mothers during a press conference for their tie-up with Avida Land’s Homepossible series last Saturday, May 28.

Calling 100% Whole Mom as a passion advocacy, Marilen said that their tagline is, “Inspiring moms to make happy homes, enhance her beauty and look at her heart also and care for her heart.” Sharing that they provide workshops and talks, Marilen focuses on taking care of the home, Cheska talks about beauty and self-investment while their other co-founder, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio focuses on heart care.

1. Advice for mothers who experience guilt trips whenever they put attention on themselves

Understanding the feeling, Marilen said, “You’ll realize that when you’re out already and you’re doing your work, like ‘ah, okay naman pala, I’m enjoying.’ So then, when I realized that I’m enjoying, I began to realize that I need this for myself. It’s a good break and I need it for myself. I always remind myself, ‘You know, God loves my kids more than I do, He can take care of my kids more than I do so it’s okay to leave them at home for a few hours or for a short while.” 

Meanwhile, Cheska, who said that she decided to take a break from show business in order to focus on her husband Doug and kids Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin, shared, “When I am with them and spending time with them, I am with them. My mind is there. My attention is not divided. But, when I am at work, I am at work. And, when I am fulfilled as a person, as Cheska, I come home feeling fulfilled and feeling good that I can give so much more for my children because I have filled that tank that makes me feel like I am who I still am.”

She said that she doesn’t feel guilty as she knows where her commitment is. “The only time that you will feel guilty is if you know in your heart that you neglected your responsibility,” Cheska shared, adding that it’s all about time management. 

2. Advice for mothers who want to de-stress

Like Cheska who admitted feeling all the more stress at work than at home and looking forward to coming home to her kids, Marilen advised to fix your house according to how you want it. “I love being at home. I’m relaxed because I fix it the way I want to.”

However, Marilen understands that there are days when she also has to think of herself also so in order to do so, she goes out, window-shops and get affordable home massages. 

3. Advice to stay empowered despite the challenges of being a mom

Both Marilen and Cheska suggested having a quiet time with God. 

Sharing that she felt tired and grouchy when she realized that she forgot to pray and meditate, Marilen said, “I pray and I write my prayers to God and then I read something in the Bible and it really talks to me then I begin to feel better.”

Cheska also agreed. “I know when I start feeling lonely even if things are going well around me and I feel sad and I feel lost, (it) is because I didn’t give time. My quiet time is my time to reflect what am I doing. What is my purpose, God? Sometimes you know, there are a lot of opportunities that come your way but I always ask myself, are these opportunities good for me? Will it take me away from my family? Will it change my attitude as a person? Will it make me grow with my relationship with the Lord?” 

She said that she considers this meditation time as time for herself to discern God’s purpose for her life. Cheska said that she feels empowered when she knows that she has time for everything and not lose herself along the way.