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Derek Ramsay denies his non-showbiz girlfriend is possessive: ‘Hindi nga nakabuntot eh’

Derek Ramsay heads to London with his girlfriend and his family this June.

Rhea Manila Santos

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05/08/2016 12:33 AM
Derek Ramsay denies his non-showbiz girlfriend is possessive: ‘Hindi nga nakabuntot eh’
050716-derek2.jpgAs the star of Quantum Films’s upcoming romantic comedy My Candidate, Derek Ramsay admitted it was fun to portray his role as ambitious politician. “Ako dito si Sonny Suarez, isang congressman na ang tanging wish ng tatay ko na tumakbo ako sa senado. Ang problema ko dito I’m not really a likeable guy with most people because of my acts kaya kailangan ko si Ms. Billy Bono para maging mas likeable ako because of my lack of social skills. My preparation for the role of Sonny Suarez was I studied the candidates. I did not want to associate Sonny Suarez with any other candidate,” he shared.

The My Candidate star also shared why he decided to accept his newest movie role. "Because I’ve always liked a challenge and the fact that it’s a movie about politics it intrigued me right away. And the script shows that there’s still a brighter side to politics and that there are politicians out there who do their part and that’s what made me fall in love with my character, someone who stands by his principles, someone who stands by proudly about his family’s heritage. It just goes to show that there’s still politicians out there that really want to give back to their community and their country,” he explained.

When it comes to his relationship with model Joanne Villablanca, Derek said it is not true they are not dating anymore. "I know I’ve been really, really busy but she’s always been there to support me. Sometimes I feel guilty because I don’t get to see her. But every time that I do see her there’s some work that still has to be done and it still takes up some of that time. She’s always there to motivate me, to get me off my feet. She’s always there to inspire me to work harder and she knows naman that I’m the type of guy na kapag may oras,” he said.

When Joanne posted something on her social media account about missing him, Derek explained the reason behind it. “Yun yng pagsama namin was not a month ago but Holy Week. But she posted it two days ago and she was like, ‘Uy, umuwi ka na. Puro ka na lang trabaho.’ It’s just parang carino brutal, parang yun yung lambing niya. Yun lang yung lambing lambing niya na parang, ‘Oy, magpakita ka naman,’” he explained.

The Fil-British actor further denied that his relationship is on the rocks because of his girlfriend’s alleged possessiveness. "No, no. Hindi nga nakabuntot eh. Minsan lang pumunta sa taping yun and kung pupunta man siya sa taping, malapit na sa cut-off time. One thing that I like about Joanne is she has her priorities and her priority is her daughter. I love that about her. And she’s not throwing all that time around me. I would be concerned if lahat ng oras niya sa akin napupunta kasi as a mother she has that responsibility to take care of her daughter and herself well,” he said.

Derek hopes to make it up to his girlfriend by taking her to Europe along with his family as he also represents the country as part of the team competing for the World Ultimate Championship in London. "Mother’s Day is around the corner. I’m going to spend time with her and my sisters who are all mothers. Then we’re going to be taking a trip together in June to the UK, my hometown. So I get to show her where I’m from,” he added.

Watch Derek Ramsay in My Candidate starting May 11 in theaters nationwide. Also starring Shaina Magdayao, Iza Calzado, Ketchup Eusebio, and Nico Antonio. Directed by Quark Henares under Quantum Films.