Julia Barretto's sister Claudia Barretto is now a recording star

Claudia Barretto signs with Universal Records.

Julia Barretto's sister Claudia Barretto is now a recording star-Kristhoff  Cagape
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05/05/2016 09:22 AM
Julia Barretto's sister Claudia Barretto is now a recording star
050516-ClaudiaBarretto_PUSH.jpgNewcomer and Julia Barretto's sister Claudia Barretto is set to release an album under Universal Records after signing a contract with the music company. The young singer said that she is ecstatic about this new chapter of her life. "I'm so excited and nervous which is good because that means I care about it."

Claudia said that she wants to be hands-on as much as possible with the creation of her very first record. "Right now I want to meet songwriters and be one hundred percent involved in everything. I want to be in all the preparations. I want to know about how they are going to produce my music. I want to be part of everything."

She shared that she has always dreamed of becoming a singer and her mom influenced her to pursue a musical career. "[My mom] just really pushed me to do it because she knows how I want it," she said.

Claudia also added how her mom is her life inspiration. "I guess I love that she's so easy to talk to and you learn a lot of things from her just by watching her like she taught me so many things so that's what I love about my mom."

Claudia is being handled by the talent agency CornerStone. She remarked that she is happy to be part of the agency that shares the same passion as her. "I'm really happy to be working with people who share ideas with me and people who are into experimenting with music as much as I want to experiment with music, so I'm really happy that I'm with Cornerstone."

Is she also going to try acting soon? "We’ll see but right now I just want to focus on the music."