Julie Anne San Jose has officially graduated from college

Julie Anne San Jose has officially graduated from college-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


06/01/2016 01:56 AM
Julie Anne San Jose has officially graduated from college

Julia San Jose has officially graduated from college. The singer recently earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts degree at the Angelicum College in Quezon City.

In an emotional Instagram post, Julie Anne recalled the journey that she went through in order to achieve this new milestone in her life. 

“And there was everything. Sleepless nights, fatigue and even disappointments, but those were transient emotions brought by much studying and lack of rest sometimes. I've realized it's okay to admit I wasn't perfect, i was struggling. I've juggled work and studies, yet managed to survive. I definitely have to say that it's all worth it,” she posted. 

She also pointed out that in life, there will always be rough paths but rewards will always await in the end. 
“As I went through four and a half years, I've learned that it pays not to worry so much about where you ranked but rather think about the joy you get with what you do. Life doesn't offer us a smooth path. There will always be tough times, regrets and failures as well as success, reward and happiness,” she stated.

She also thanked the people behind her success and those who inspired her to keep going.

“Before closing this chapter, it's pertinent to thank the people who continue to inspire me. My family who raised me, for the guidance and unconditional love; my friends and peers, for joining me in the fight for life, and making all efforts fulfilled; my professors and teachers, for imparting profound wisdom; and lastly, God for the blessings and the wonderful gift of knowledge. “

Julie Anne ended her post saying that the journey was worth it. 

“It's been a long road but with hard work and patience, anything is possible. This is certainly a huge milestone... The tassel's worth the hassle.”