Cheska Garcia-Kramer shares advice on how to find ‘the one’

How do Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer keep the love alive?

Cheska Garcia-Kramer shares advice on how to find ‘the one’-Gary Ann  Lastrilla
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05/31/2016 09:48 AM
Cheska Garcia-Kramer shares advice on how to find ‘the one’
053116-CheskaGacia_PUSH.jpgWhen former actress Cheska Garcia-Kramer wed Philippine basketball player Doug Kramer in 2008, she decided to take a hiatus from show business in order to focus on rearing her own family. Now with kids Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin, Cheska has returned to the spotlight part of Team Kramer.

Having developed a huge following on their social media accounts, Team Kramer fans, aside from complimenting how adorable their children are, cannot help but admire Cheska and Doug’s marriage. Hence asked Cheska to share some advice on how to find the right partner.

“I guess when you take your time and be friends first because when Doug and I met, although we were both attracted to each other, we were really friends. Meaning, when I say friends, we never hugged, kissed, held hands. We really went through the courtship so when we finally got together, we were able to look beyond just being physically attracted because we really got to see the heart of the person, we were able to stop and not let physical attraction get in the way of really getting to know the person so that’s why maybe it has remained solid,” she said.

Cheska also shared that this is what they advise their respective siblings. “We remind them that when you go for a boy or for a girl, don’t go ahead of your emotions. Get to know them. Really know their character and then you’ll see, you’ll know if you really like that person because kami, we were able to later on figure out na, ‘I really like this person because I am not anymore looking at his handsome face but I see the goodness of his heart.’”

How do they keep the love alive? 

According to Cheska, putting God in the center of their relationship is key. “Our accountability’s with the Lord. We take what the Bible says seriously in our relationship. Like for me, ‘Wives submit to your husbands.’ ‘Husbands,’ for Doug, ‘love your wife as Christ loved his Church.’ So, we have that kind of respect and so, use the word of the Lord to guide you so that you better understand each other. Because if it’s between the two of you, guys, you have your pride, you have your flaws, right? But then when you put Christ in the center, it’s like you have a mediator who tells you this is what’s right, this is what’s proper,” she said.